The Middlebrooks Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

2112 Stanton Rd., East Point, GA 30344
(404) 765-0995
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Air Conditioning




Middlebrooks Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc were established in 1985 and named was change to The Middlebrooks Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc in 2009. We are a family owned business specializing in installing heating and air conditioning systems in residential homes, apartments, condos, and light commercial business. ������ High Efficiency equipment ������ Add-On Installation of new systems ������ Provider ������ Replacements ������ Hot Water tanks ������ Air conditioning ������ Furnaces ������ Heat-Pumps ������ Duct work ������ System diagnosis ������ Service Contracts ������ Spring & Fall Tune ups ������ Programmable Thermostat ������ Section 8 Appliances Inspection ������ Split Systems and Mini spilt systems ������ Commerical Rooftop Units The Middlebrooks Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is EPA Certified Universal, and Certified through GA Department of Transportation (DBE). President and CEO: Sabrina M. Batts, Condition Air Contractor for State of Georgia is the Presi

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