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by Matt Goering

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Baltimore drywall repair is one of those home improvement projects that many Crabtown residents put off for as long as possible. After all, it's not like busted plumbing or a leaky roof. With the exception of incidents where water damage is present, fixing drywall is more of an aesthetic issue than anything else. With that being said, there comes a time when most homeowners decide that the dent behind the door from the doorknob, or that spot in the pantry where the plumber had to cut a hole to get to the pipes, has been there long enough. When that day finally arrives, it's time to call in a Baltimore drywall professional.

The Most Common Reasons to Hire a Professional in Drywall Repair in Baltimore
There are more reasons than you might think that Baltimoreans call contractors experienced in drywall repair in Baltimore. There are the obvious needs such as patching holes and replacing otherwise damaged or dented drywall sheets. But besides that, Baltimore drywall repair specialists perform a number of other services including new drywall installation, repairing nail pops and loose drywall, texturing walls and ceilings, scraping off "popcorn" ceilings, mold removal and remediation, repairing and replacing water-damaged drywall, building arches in doorways, and doing other plaster and trim work.

Average Costs of Baltimore Drywall Repair
Because there is such a wide range of services that drywall repairmen provide, there's also a wide range of potential costs associated with a drywall contractor visit to your home. How do we know? Because here at HomeAdvisor we track the Baltimore drywall repair referrals that we give to homeowners, and follow up on each and every one to determine what Baltimoreans should expect to pay, how long the average drywall repair takes, and how satisfied customers were with the work they had done. Based on those follow-up surveys, we know that drywall repair in Baltimore can range from a very reasonable $200 on up to more than a thousand buckaroos. As for the average cost of a Baltimore drywall repair if you live in the city or the outlying suburbs, $400 is the median price. In fact, with the exception of a small percentage of major repairs that drive up the numbers, the vast majority of the drywall repairs our contractors performed, almost 69 percent, ended up costing homeowners $450 or less, making this a pretty reasonable repair in the home improvement world.

How Long Does Drywall Repair in Baltimore Take?
This is the other pressing question most homeowners want answered. Again, the wide range of possible repairs make this tough to pin down exactly, but as a rule, few drywall repairs take more than a day or two. Don't forget that drywall repair and accompanying texturing usually requires the use of mud, plaster, paint, or any combination of the three, all of which may need to dry out before your repairman can move on to the next step in the repair. That being the case, it's not uncommon for your drywall repairman to have to make a few trips to your house before the job is all said and done. Remember to be patient, and take heart. While the average repair in our database took about a day and a half to complete, the longest drywall repair we've ever logged into our system took six. Even if your repair is a doozy, your repairman will be in and out of your home before you know it.

The Big Debate: Do You Need to Hire a Pro for Your Baltimore Drywall Repair?
Be honest about your level of experience, your ability, and the size of your project if your knee-jerk reaction to that question is "of course I can do it myself!" If you know your way around a tool shed, you should be okay attempting most small drywall repairs, such as simple patch jobs, on your own. Check out a book at the local library and make sure you have all the proper tools and materials before you get started, just to make sure you'll clear any potential hurdles without a hang up. Don't be fooled by how easy experienced drywall hangers make this job look, however, if you've never tried it yourself. It's much tougher, and messier, than it appears. If your repair needs go beyond fixing some nail popping or repairing that 2" x 2" hole the doorknob to the hallway closet made, it's probably a wise decision to bring in a professional contractor. They'll get it done in a fraction of the time, and several less tries, than you will, and when they're finished you won't have to spend an afternoon digging mud (joint compound) out of the carpet pile or scraping texture off every surface in sight. In the end it's your call, just be sure you take into account things like your frustration tolerance and your willingness to learn from mistakes before you take home improvement on solo.

Matt Goering, formerly a carpenter and house painter, is a freelance writer for the home improvement industry who has published over 600 articles.