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by Matt Goering

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Denver drywall repair is one of those projects that many in the Mile High City assume anyone can do. After all, take a trip down to the Denver Public Library, or a library in any of the suburbs or cities stretching from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins, and you won't have much trouble finding a do-it-yourself manual that makes this job look easy. A word of warning: don't believe everything you read. There's a reason that few general contractors do drywall themselves; they prefer instead to hire the job out to professionals who specialize in drywall work. The truth is that it takes skill and experience to work with drywall, in addition to it being a dirty and meticulous job. If you're in need of a drywall repair in Denver, calling in a contractor who works on drywall, and drywall only, is your best bet if you hope to get the job done right.

Denver Drywall Repair Contractors Do A Lot More Than Patch Holes
The other misconception about drywall repair in Denver is that the majority of drywall repairs entail simple patch jobs and replacement. Drywall contractors provide a full range of services, ranging from simple jobs such as patching holes to much more complicated projects like texturing, building arches, rounding corners, removing popcorn ceilings, repairing water damage, and installing drywall on larger projects like basement, attic, and room additions.

Denver Drywall Repair Costs
Enough talk about how valuable drywall contractors are. Let's move on to how much they charge. While the cost of any drywall repair varies greatly depending on whether you're hoping to patch a doorknob hole or need to install new drywall across an entire flooded basement, here at HomeAdvisor we can still give you a ballpark estimate of how much you should expect to spend on an average drywall repair in Denver. We gather data on all the drywall repairs that homeowners request contractors for through our online referral services. Based on that information, the average drywall repair in Denver ends up running about $400. Just to illustrate how much actual costs can fluctuate, however, we've got jobs in our system that ran as little as $100, and others that cost more than $900. The only way to know for certain how much your particular job is going to cost is to bring in several, at least three, contractors to bid on your project. That way, you'll be able to compare prices and professionals; talking to multiple drywall repair specialists is a proven strategy when it comes to weeding out those who charge too much, or contractors who do shoddy work, which is usually the case with contractors whose bids drastically undercut the competition.

Denver Drywall Repair Contractors versus Home Handymen
Nothing against the home handyman, since a qualified home handyman who knows what he's doing can do an excellent job fixing just about anything in your home, but be judicious when choosing between a generic repairman and someone who specializes in a particular field. Handymen generally charge less, but their cheaper fees often indicate their lack of experience in various areas of home improvement. Drywall, unfortunately, is a common shortcoming. Take the following warning to heart. It's offered by a Denver homeowner who answered the survey HomeAdvisor sends out to past customers to gather information about final project costs and project durations. This particular homeowner hired a handyman before coming to us to find a contractor who lives, eats, and breathes drywall: "Get a pro that specializes in drywall and drywall repair, not a handyman service," the homeowner wrote, "The pro that we hired to complete [the original handyman's] work was in and out in four hours. I guess it is not really that hard to do a great job if you get someone that knows what they are doing." It's a testament to how hard quality drywall work is to do, and to how efficient, experienced, and valuable a Denver drywall repair specialist really is.

More Parting Advice on Denver Drywall Repair From Mile High City Residents
What other advice do Front Range homeowners have for fellow residents entering the world of drywall repair? "Make sure you hire someone with a proven track record," wrote a resident of Centennial, emphasizing how important it is to check references and get multiple bids before you hire. Another Denverite had more practical advice: "Be prepared to have a lot of mess from the drywall materials, and remove every item possible within the area that is being repaired or worked on. Allow for unexpected costs; they don't always know how much repair is needed until they have already started the job." It's all sound advice, and hopefully their words of wisdom give you a jump as you begin your search for a Denver drywall repair contractor to address your drywall repair needs.

Matt Goering, formerly a carpenter and house painter, is a freelance writer for the home improvement industry who has published over 600 articles.