Phoenix Stone Siding: A Natural Choice

by Marcus Pickett

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As a Phoenix homeowner, you have access to essentially the same siding materials as homeowners throughout the country. Vinyl and fiber-cement siding remain the most popular, but if you want to go that extra step and look at a siding material that is unmatched in both performance and looks, you should start with stone siding. In Phoenix, stone siding can be much more ubiquitous than other cities, as well. Where a home clad in stone siding might look out of place in all but the wealthiest of neighborhoods, the local culture and décor of the Southwest make stone siding a great choice for any homeowner.

The Affordability of Simulated Stone Siding in Phoenix, AZ
That said, stone siding is generally only seen in the wealthiest neighborhoods for a reason. It's cost prohibitive for many homeowners. This doesn't mean you need to be well-off to realize the looks and benefits of stone siding. Simulated stone, also called manufactured stone, stucco stone, and faux stone, is a composite material made from cement, natural aggregate, and mineral oxides that can deliver a nearly flawless imitation of the real thing. In fact, it generally takes a trained professional to tell the difference. Plus, little to no sacrifice is made by choosing this alternative. Simulated stone won't be as strong as the real deal, but both cladding materials virtually eliminate any problems associated with sun, heat, wind, rain, or pests.

Phoenix Stone Siding Installation and Maintenance
Plus, with the lighter weight of simulated stone, it will be considerably easier to install and reduce labor costs. Neither project is for DIYers, but real stone siding requires the highly specialized skills of a masonry contractor. The delicate nature of simulated stone siding comes from the need to get the mixture just right to avoid crumbling or poor adhesion. You shouldn't hire a contractor who doesn't have specific experience with this material. At the same time, as long as it's done right, both materials should last for the lifetime of your home, and they're a great selling point when it comes to sell.

True stone siding (or brick siding) is not entirely maintenance-free, however. Every 25 to 30 years, there's a chance your mortar will begin to show signs of deterioration that will need to be fixed through a process called tuck-pointing. Depending on the size and extent of the deterioration, this can mean a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to remedy.

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The Cost of Phoenix Stone Siding
The average cost of stone siding installation in Phoenix is about $12,000 or twice as much as more common siding materials. Simulated stone tends to split the difference, or if you've already priced real stone siding from your home, you can typically expect to save about 25% to 35% by choosing simulated stone instead. In fact, we've recently seen a simulated stone project in Phoenix go as low as $5,000. Along with the size of your home, this cost can also go up if you have a bunch of corners, which are difficult to negotiate with stone siding.

Phoenix Masonry Contractors
As mentioned, stone siding installation requires a masonry contractor in Phoenix. These contractors are notoriously difficult to reliably contact, as their services are often in very high demand. ServiceMagic allows you to eliminate those unqualified contractors who would seize this opportunity by putting each and every one of our contractors through a rigorous 10-step screening process. At the same time, our streamlined system means you can begin hearing from contractors as soon as you submit your online request. Our online customer ratings and reviews section will enable you to view recent feedback from Phoenix homeowners who have requested stone siding work for their homes. Simulated stone is generally done by a general contractor or a siding contractor with experience or specialization in this unique material.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.