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Green Pest Solutions, LLC

(877) 636-9469
Services Offered
Pest Control
- Pest Control - Bugs and Insects
- Pest Control - Rodents
- Pest Control - Termite

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Customer Ratings
Customer Rating: 
City: Philadelphia, PA
Project: Pest Control - Bugs & Insects
"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. My yellow jackets were completely gone within two days."
Customer Rating: 
City: Hellertown, PA
Project: Pest Control - Bugs & Insects
"When the tech arrived, he was very courteous and polite. Stewart arrived on time and after explaining the process he was going to use, he proceed with the job as he explained. We were very pleased with the outcome which completely eliminate the problem (ground bee hive) which caused my hospital 2-day stay. I am feeling so much better and have not seen a re-occurrance of the problem. Thank you so very much for your prompt and efficient service."
Customer Rating: 
City: Philadelphia, PA
Project: Pest Control - Bugs & Insects
Customer Rating: 
City: Southampton, PA
Project: Pest Control - Bugs & Insects
"Company sent someone out that same day . Called back a week after service to have someone come out again and they had no problem sending someone who was very nice and helpful"
Customer Rating: 
City: Elverson, PA
Project: Pest Control - Bugs & Insects
"I may recommend but I only had the yes or no choice. The young man was very kind and helpful but the bees were misidentified...I worried needlessly about house damage required in eradicating Honey bees when a beekeeper identified them as a type of Eastern yellow jackets...there was no charge for the assessment..."
Customer Rating: 
City: Lansdowne, PA
Project: Pest Control - Bugs & Insects
"Jermaine did a good job. He just missed one of the places that I wanted mice bait put down. But I'll get him to take care of that when he returns. Other than that I feel he did an excellent job. No more flea bites."
Customer Rating: 
City: Mount Holly, NJ
Project: Control or Inspect for Termites
Customer Rating: 
City: Sellersville, PA
Project: Pest Control - Bugs & Insects
"prompt arrival. professional looking service tech. took the time to remove cushions and other items that I did not have time to move."
Customer Rating: 
City: Sellersville, PA
Project: Pest Control - Bugs & Insects
"prompt, on time, also took the time to remove cushions from sofa and other items that i did not have to do pick up before treating my house. Service Tech was very nice and professional looking. "
Customer Rating: 
City: Springfield, PA
Project: Control or Eliminate Rodents
"No more mouse sightings and haven't seen any droppings (been 2 months). Great customer service."

Contact Us
David Chu
1004 Saunders Lane, West Chester, PA 19380
work: (877) 636-9469

About Us
In Business Since: 2003
As everyone knows, pests that live outside of your home don't belong in your home. Green Pest Solutions, LLC, is prepared to tackle those invasive pests by setting up our green band protection system around your home. And, for those found inside, Green Pest Solutions, LLC, will treat and remove them quickly. By providing a customized family-friendly treatment program specifically designed to protect your home, you can be assured that Green Pest Solutions, Inc., will do our best to protect those you love. Each of our highly skilled technicians are trained in the latest application methods, proper equipment use and maintenance, and will answer any questions you may have about the materials being used to treat the areas around and inside your home. As your local Green Pest Solutions, LLC, providers we stand behind our money back guarantee, because we will respect your home as if it was our own, and your peace of mind is important to us.

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Our Company/Industry
• Began in the industry: 2004
• Business Description: Family owned and operated
Community Involvement
 Project Evergreen Green Care for Troops
 Make-A-Wish Foundation
 PLANET's Renewal & Remembrance Day
 Pest Control

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Green Pest Solutions
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Awards & Affiliations
 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company 2012 and 2013
 Landscape Management Magazine - Ranked 9 in Nation in 2011
 Angie's List Super Service Award Winner 2012 and 2013 - Pest Control
 Philadelphia Magazine Best of Philly - Best Exterminator
Pest Control
 National Pest Management Association (NPMA)
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License Information
Trade Number Exp. Date State
Pesticide Applicator 12-663 12/31/14 DE
Pesticide Applicator 90262B 10/31/14 NJ
Pesticide 1560 12/31/14 DE
PESTICIDES 200203 09/30/14 PA
Pesticide Business BU11647 12/31/14 PA
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