How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Home Exterior?

Paint a Home Exterior Costs
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Whether you are painting the exterior of your home to boost its curb appeal, change a color you don't like, or because the old paint is peeling away and a new paint job is sorely needed, painting your home's exterior is a large job that requires planning, preparation and the correct tools. In most cases, painting your home's exterior is a job best done by a pro, with the national average cost coming in at $3,177. But before you call the one, you'll want to consider a few factors that will have an affect on the project's cost.


The size of your home will play the largest role in determining the cost. Most estimates are based on the square footage of your home. However, along with the question of size comes the question of accessibility. A larger home that is only one story may be considerably less expensive to paint than a smaller home that has three stories and a very steep roof. The more difficult it is for your painting professional to access all surfaces of your home that need painting, the more expensive the job will likely be.


The paint you choose can also be a big factor. There are many different qualities of paint, and the higher the quality the higher the cost. If you are spending the time and money to have your home painted, it makes sense to use the best quality paint that you can afford.

Prep work

Typically before paint is applied, the surface of your home needs to have the old paint removed either by spraying or pressure washing. If there is any loose or peeling paint left on the home's surface, the new paint will not adhere correctly and you soon will have a house full of peeling paint on your hands. In addition to the removal of the old paint, the surface of your home will need to have any broken, cracked or rotting siding repaired, windows may need to be caulked, and a primer coat applied before the exterior paint is applied. Taking the necessary steps to do all the prep work correctly will make the difference between a paint job that peels away and one that lasts for years. So even though the preparations will add considerably to the cost of labor, it is not worth it to skip any of the necessary steps.


Many painters use sprayers to apply the paint, which is faster than brush painting, but requires more coats than hand painting as each coat is thinner. Spraying also requires that all windows, doors and trims be covered before the painting begins, so there is more time spent in the preparation of the home for painting.


Changing your home from a dark color to a light color may require extra coats of both primer and paint to cover the darker color adequately. Depending on how much extra paint is needed, the costs could rise considerably.


Some painting companies offer seasonal discounts in early spring or late fall when they're a little slower. Utilizing these off-season discounts can help to keep exterior painting prices lower.


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