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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Foundation?

Repair a Foundation Costs
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Foundation settlement can lead to major structural problems within your home. There are ways to repair a concrete foundation without having to tear it out and start from scratch. Repairing a foundation can be a costly job, but the better educated you are about types of foundations and how best to repair your foundation, the better you can work with your contractor to find a solution you can afford.
With major foundation repairs involving hydraulic piers costing $10,000 or more, and minor cracks costing as low as $500, most homeowners will pay around $3,857 to repair foundation issues.
Here are a few things that can influence the cost of a foundation repair.

Foundation Problems

Foundations that have been built on expansive clay, compressible or improperly compacted fill soils, or have been poorly maintained can have serious damage as the foundation settles and moves. If you see signs of foundation problems, things like cracks in walls or doors that won't close properly, it is important to talk to a professional right away. Damaged foundations that are not repaired quickly can lead not only to irreparable damage, but to structures that are unsafe. The longer you wait, the worse the damage can get and the more costly it is to repair.
The rule of thumb when you see any foundation issue: the longer you wait, the worse it gets. Even if you get the foundation itself repaired, there may be damage to the inside of your home due to waiting too long that will then also require expensive repair. Often In these cases, much of that extra repair cost could be avoided by acting more quickly

Structural Reports

If you see that there are foundation issues, it is worth it to spend the money for a report from a structural engineer. A structural engineer has no vested interest in selling you a solution to your problem and so you will most likely get an unbiased opinion as t the best solution for fixing your problem. If you go straight to a repair professional they may want to sell you the solution that seems right for them, rather than right for you. It is better to come to a repair pro, with your structural report in hand and ask them the cost of doing that particular solution

Piering and Slabjacking

There are two common methods for lifting a sinking concrete foundation: piering and slabjacking. Piering places supports underground that lift and support the concrete. To use piering, the foundation repair professional will need to dig many feet into the ground to solidify the pier which is then placed under your foundation and raised with hydraulics to lift the foundation back into place and stabilize it for the future. This repair method requires the use of multiple piers placed at different points under the foundation.

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Slabjacking is a process whereby a grout mixture is pumped into the space under the concrete foundation and floats the foundation back to its original position. A professional will be able to assess which repair method is best suited for your foundation issues.
Piering is in most cases a more expensive method for fixing a foundation as it requires excavation and hydraulic piers to be installed. However piering is almost always considered to be a permanent solution that will not be compromised by further settling of the house or shifting of the earth.
Slabjacking, although effective, could be rendered ineffective if there were any structural shifts to your home or the soil surrounding it.

Home Resale Value

One of the biggest worries when any foundation issue appears is if it will make your home difficult or impossible to resell. Granted you must disclose any work that you have had done on your foundation when it is listed for sale, but if you have had hydraulic piers installed in some cases that could be seen as an asset rather than a drawback. In areas known to have expansive clay or soil issues, having hydraulic piers installed can be seen as a solution to a problem that every homeowner in the area will encounter at one time while owning a home in that area.


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Shelley Spencer More than 1 year ago

It's helpful to some degree but it's not specific enough to really give an accurate estimate for

repair work on a foundation. I've had 2 estimates, one was $9,100.00 and the other was $27,475.00.

Needless to say how they want to fix my basement is totally different.

Richard Beltran 4 months ago
True foundation cost are costly  in some cases .Lets not kill the contractor he tying to help. Just do research, keep looking for someone within reason.  Good Luck!          WE  SHOULD KILL THE BUILDER,
Carolyn Gallina 5 months ago
The Crack is a thin line about 4 feet long in the patio.  It has been covered by indoor out door rug.
Brenda ODell 6 months ago
Wondering about costs to repair superficial cracks on basement wall and floor.
lesley leuzinger 6 months ago
I will contact a structural engineer first. Tanks for all the input.
Esther Carmany 6 months ago
my mind is on overload - I have had my propane tank moved
Pamela Tabor 8 months ago
At least I now have an idea of what piering means but I still don't know who to call and trust with this project.
Jan Upchurch 10 months ago
Helpful information as a look into making these small (hopefully) repairs. Thank you.
Ann Gragg 10 months ago
Wow, I have been told repeatedly that foundation repairs would cost anywhere from 500 to 2000, so when I am looking at  two sides being bad and I am hearing 90000 and 27,000 this is sickening. I could build a room for 27000. So right now I am pretty mad Shelly Spencer. This shouldn't be, I could understand if they were putting up brick  and or adding on, but to just put in cinder block as mine is sure there is more to it than that, but you have to look at the cost of cinder blocks first, then the cement and piers or whatever you use then the professionals. Before I will pay 30,000 I will just build me a house. This is not right.
Mary Gilliam More than 1 year ago
I hope it will be helpful since I will know the median cost before I recieve an estimate.
constance lawrence More than 1 year ago
I have not had any work done yet. I have three estimates, ranging between, $12000, 22500, and 36 ,000. I am waiting for a structural engineer's report. What to do? Big difference!
Darryl Downing More than 1 year ago
It's good to have insight on the particulars involved in the work you need done.
George Pagan More than 1 year ago
Conferral pending with noted referrals, Upon completion of requested work, will update further.