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How Much Does it Cost to Install Windows?

Install Windows Costs
Average reported costs
based on 8,642 cost profiles
Most homeowners
spent between
$2,608 - $7,389
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High cost

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Project Average Most Spent Between
Less than 5 windows $2,219 $1,244 - $3,198
Between 5 - 10 windows $4,917 $3,367 - $6,491
More than 10 windows $14,504 $8,532 - $20,605
The average national cost of window installation is $4,982, with most homeowners spending between $2,608 and $7,389. This data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeAdvisor members.

Windows can bring light and warmth, provide views, beautify inside and out and add tremendous value to your home. They also can let in the elements and intruders that put your home at risk. That's why windows - quality windows - must be considered an important investment. The cost of windows will depend on the type, dimensions, materials used, security features, the complexity of the installation, and, of course, the number of windows needed.

Number of Windows

Generally, the more windows you need to install, the more expensive the installation price. But installation professionals will charge less per window if you install several at the same time. So if you're thinking about only replacing a couple of windows, it might make sense for you to talk to your pro about the cost of installing multiple windows at one time. It may save you money in the long run.

Window Sizes

Windows tend toward different dimensions depending on where they're needed. Living rooms typically have larger picture windows hung in multiples ranging from 3x4' to 6x6'. Standard bathroom windows are quite a bit smaller, ranging from 2x1.5' to 2x3'. Major window manufacturers can customize windows to any dimensions, but be aware that you may pay more for odd sizes.

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Window Sash Materials

Vinyl windows are inexpensive and require little or no maintenance. They're also extremely durable; changes in humidity don't cause them to swell or shrink. Most vinyl window manufacturers stand behind their products with strong warranties. Their greatest drawback is that they're not as sturdy or attractive as wood. Wood frames, on the other hand, cost more and require much more maintenance. Fail to repaint and finish wooden window frames and they become susceptible to the elements. But all that work and money can be worth it for the classic, authentic architectural appeal of wood. That's why some historical neighborhoods have covenants requiring that windows be framed with wood. New composite windows attempt to capture the best of both worlds by mixing PVC polymers with wood fiber to create a stronger, more attractive synthetic window frame.

Window Panes

New windows can save you considerable money on your utility bills and make your home more comfortable. Windows are rated by the U-factor. The lower the U-factor, the more energy efficient and higher the initial cost. You'll pay more for double-pane windows, but they will pay for themselves over time. Experts say double-pane windows can save up to 24 percent in cold climates during the winter and up to 18 percent in hot climates during the summer. More about double-pane options.

Other Window Cost Factors

Replacing existing windows is, of course, usually cheaper than cutting walls for new ones. You might consider talking to both your contractor and a security firm about how to make your windows safe from burglars. Also, be aware that windows above the first floor may be more expensive to install because of access issues.

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Robert Bleier More than 1 year ago
I have installed new windows 3 different times within the past 2½ years. My first time we had 12 windows replaced with 9 windows because 3 of the windows we enlarged into a larger single window to allow more light in. We paid $5873. We received a transferable Lifetime Warranty on windows, labor, and the screens! The cost often is reflected by the options. We love the windows and they are worth every penny. The second time we replaced 3 windows with a different company. We paid $600 and we hate them. Sadly no refunds or replacements. 90 day warranty on labor and 2 years on windows. The third time we used the first company. We replaced a 9 foot bay window and paid $1803. We received the same warranty as mentioned above. We are truly happy with the company and would strongly recommend them.
Nina O'Leary More than 1 year ago
Who did you use?
monica conklin More than 1 year ago
what windows did you purchase?
Barbara Zettel 12 months ago
What company was used?
Robyn Rowe Vana More than 1 year ago
can you please tell me who you used
Chloe Laube More than 1 year ago
Could you please let me know what company you liked? Thank you.
w hucher 12 months ago
what is the name of the first company
Kim Moore 9 months ago
What company did you use?
V Moore More than 1 year ago
Representative from Suncoast Windows called within 10 minutes of my asking for pros on Home advisor
Shari Curcio 11 months ago
I put in 7 windows-3 small bathroom 4 oversized I paid 8000 5 estimates depends where u live.
mary long 12 months ago
The cost information was very helpful. I had no idea of what the the expense would be.  I have replaced window before in the early 80's.Those windows are still in very good shape. 
The cost information will help me plan my budget.  Thank you.
Yannick Pierce 4 months ago
For 2 Windows I was asked 7,600 after a 25% and an Other 5% and a $.500.00 rebate if I go ahead then with the project , Which company did Robert use to get such an amazing price ?????
Joanna Webb 7 months ago
I appreciate your info. I am not ready to commit to any project at the moment however.
Kathleen Strand 8 months ago
That makes it 1400 per window on 10 or more.that's way crazy
Sheila Grimes 9 months ago
Just in the planning stages, but had no idea of the cost. Thanks for the guidelines.
Denise Rudolph More than 1 year ago
Looking for estimate on cutting thru basement concrete to install window or two.  Nothing on concrete cutting here to help estimate cost.
robert eaton More than 1 year ago
what about costs for Hurricane Impact windows???
Will Merideth More than 1 year ago
I need to contact someone to evaulate what is needed at a particular home in Morenw Valley
HASupport More than 1 year ago
We've asked a representative to reach out. Please expect to hear from us shortly. -HASupport
Stephanie Eddins More than 1 year ago
I am in need of 1 glass block window that has been broken to be replaced located in a basement -
vicki nowak More than 1 year ago

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