Golden Gate Home Services

1072 Folsom Street, Suite 364
San Francisco, CA 94103

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Recent Community-Approved HomeAdvisor Pros in California

Duct Cleaning Services, Inc.
Verified Review: "It was really seamless and the cleaning went well. I booked apt., they came and did the cleaning. I forgot the guys name, but he was very good, nice and explained the whole process to me. He was professional as i asked a lot of questions and most important he was patient with me.... :p All around a great experience."
Sparkles Cleaning Services
Verified Review: "Alba showed up promptly. She and her partner did an outstanding job on short notice."
Ignacio Janitorial
Verified Review: "Extremely responsive whenever I call them!"
Reyes Cleaning Services
Verified Review: "After 1 month of renovation in our new house, i was so relieved to see my house perfectly cleaned. My anxiety was gone. The team was very professional, on time even if booked at the last minute. My house was pristine cleaned from top to bottom (3300sqft) including washer/dryer, drawers, cabinets, fridge. Perfect job done. Thank you. Would absolutely recommend them. Knowing how dusty and dirty my house was after the renovation, the price was not exagerated and reflected the level of work required. Yes, i would recommend them closed eyes. "