Irrigation Engineering Inc

4228 Shoreline Dr
Minneapolis, MN 55422

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Every Season Landscape and Lawn Care
Verified Review: "Jack listened to our requests for redesign of our backyard pond, added his design ideas and then exceeded our expectations! He was very courteous and accommodating. We would highly recommend Every Season Landscape and Lawn Care and plan to use them in the future for other yardwork we have."
Northstar Landscape
Verified Review: "Jeff took the time to come out, meet with us, and explain in detail his vision with us as well as the pros and cons to some of our initial ideas. He then promptly sent us his bid and broke it down in DETAIL so we knew how every penny was being spent. His communication was strong as we approached the date of the project, and the installation was stellar. In fact he over delivered in many areas...providing more value (at the same cost) then we even expected. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend. We'll be working with Northstar as we continue to do more in the following summers. "
Genesis Outdoor Services, LLC
Verified Review: "They were great at what they do, my fence looks awesome."
High Profile Green Solutions
Verified Review: "They are in constant contact! Very responsive!"