Irrigation Engineering Inc

4228 Shoreline Dr
Minneapolis, MN 55422

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Richberg Landscapes, LLC
Verified Review: "The paving project was done very professionally and with great attention to every detail. Our driveway and sidewalk is now the talk of the neighborhood."
Prairie Landscaping and Tree Service, Inc.
Verified Review: "They were fantastic. They removed an old railroad tie retaining wall and constructed a beautiful block wall. When they found the foundation leakage, they helped find me find a mason. They were extremely hard working, courteous, and respectful. They were on time and were extremely knowledgable on how to landscape to allow water flow away from the house. I would highly recommend them. I will have then do work again for me this Spring. "
Premier Landscape & Restoration, LLC
Verified Review: "I was very happy with my yard, and the way Dave keep me posted on the details such as when the materials would arrive, ect. Dave even laid down seed between the sod lines. The crew worked untill the job was done. Dave even gave me extra timber he had, so I could use it for a boarder. Very hard working company. "
R J Valek Construction, LLC
Verified Review: "We were on a tight time line with our landscaping project as we needed hedges removed and the backyard resloped to allow for a deck and fence company to do work. R J Valek Construction completed the job the following day for an affordable price. They were efficient and did quality work right down to the clean-up process. Randy suggested adding crushed red rock and boulders for a beautiful, finished look. The project turned out even better than I imagined. I would highly recommend this company!"