How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Bedroom?

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$4,000 - $40,000

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Updated April 15, 2024

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  • Bedroom remodels involve diverse skill sets, safety considerations, and potential permits that justify hiring a professional.

  • The average bedroom remodel costs range from $4,000 to $40,000 depending on the type and extent of the remodel.

  • Bedroom remodel costs are influenced by the type of remodel, material prices, labor costs, and the room size.

  • Common materials for bedroom remodel include paint, wood, insulation, drywall, windows, and flooring.

  • A bedroom remodel can expand a home's square footage, improve aesthetics, and increase property value.

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A bedroom remodel is a great way to update and add value to your home. If you want to remodel a standard bedroom, you can expect to spend around $4,000, while larger projects, like converting an attic or unfinished basement into a bedroom, can cost up to $40,000. The average bedroom remodel costs $20,000 for a full renovation, including labor costs, design, inspection and construction.

Average Cost to Remodel a Bedroom

Bedroom remodel costs can vary widely based on what needs to be done. Expanding a room will cost more than a new coat of paint on the walls.


Bedroom Remodel Material Prices

The cost of materials will also depend on what you’ll be changing in the bedroom. If you need to build a new wall, you’ll need to purchase materials such as lumber, drywall, and insulation for exterior walls. Some remodeling projects might require new windows. Here are some common material costs, not including labor, for a bedroom remodel.

  • Paint: $300–$800

  • Wood: $1–$5 per sq. ft.

  • Insulation: $900–$1,500

  • Drywall: $1–$3 per sq. ft.

  • Windows: $100 per window. You can opt for specialized or custom windows for up to $1,500 per window.

  • Doors: $500–$5,000 per door

  • Molding: $2.50 per linear ft.

  • Flooring: $200–$7,000

Labor Costs for a Bedroom Remodel

You may need to consult multiple contractors for different aspects of the remodel. For example, you’ll need to work with a local general contractor for construction, but you might also consult with an interior designer near you. You can expect to spend around $50 to $300 an hour for labor.

Bedroom Remodel Costs by Type

There are several types of bedroom remodels. A standard remodel may involve new primer and paint on the walls, fresh crown molding, and new flooring. More intensive projects include converting an attic, garage, or basement into a bedroom, turning two smaller bedrooms into one large bedroom, or expanding a bedroom.

“To get the most out of your remodeling budget on existing bathrooms, we recommend that our clients try to keep the same footprint,” says Bob Tschudi, Angi Expert Review Board member and a Raleigh, NC-based general contractor. “Moving water supply lines costs money, and moving drainage lines costs a lot of money. It’s better to keep the existing infrastructure and spend your budget on stylish vanities, bathtubs, tiling, and fixtures.”

Standard Remodels

Remodeling an average-sized bedroom, without adding more square footage, will cost around $4,000 to $20,000. This cost typically covers paint, new crown molding, and new floors. The cost will be higher if you opt for custom paints, premium floors such as marble or high-quality wood, and new windows and doors.

Room Expansions

A bedroom expansion can mean more square footage and a higher return on investment for the remodel. This project costs more because it involves interior and exterior updates. Expanding a bedroom will cost upward of $40,000 for new wall frame, drywall, paint, flooring, siding, and ceiling materials, plus new windows and doors as needed.

Attic, Basement, and Garage Conversions

Attics, unfinished basements, and garages can be turned into bedrooms, but they require a lot of work to make them habitable. These areas need waterproofing and new insulation, and you’ll likely need new floors, paint, ceilings, and even electrical work for outlets and lighting. Expect to spend $20,000 to $40,000 or more to convert these spaces into bedrooms.

Combining Two Rooms Into One

Remodeling two bedrooms into one can sometimes be less expensive than expanding a bedroom, especially if the rooms have the same type of flooring and paint. If the wall connecting two bedrooms isn’t load-bearing, this project will also be less expensive.

Expect to spend $2,000 to combine two rooms by knocking down a non-load-bearing wall and adding minor touch-ups to the floors and paint. More intensive construction with load-bearing walls, new primer and paint, and new floors can cost around $10,000.

“Many DIYers skip the critical step of determining whether a wall is load-bearing or not,” says Tschudi. “It’s critical that you engage with a licensed general contractor or—at the minimum—a licensed structural engineer to analyze any wall you plan to remove.”

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Bedroom Remodel Costs by Size

The cost to remodel a bedroom will also depend on the size of the room, although you can expect to spend about $100 per square foot, including labor, for standard room remodels that don’t involve converting spaces like attics or garages.

  • Small bedroom: A small, 10-foot-by-10-foot to 12-foot-by-12-foot bedroom will cost $4,000–$14,500

  • Medium bedroom: For a 12-foot-by-15-foot, a 12-foot-by-18-foot bedroom or a 15-foot-by-15-foot bedroom, a remodel will cost about $15,000–$22,000

  • Large bedroom: Larger rooms that are around 15-feet-by-20-feet will cost about $22,000–$40,000

  • Extra-large bedroom: For 18-foot- or 20-foot-by-20-foot bedrooms, a remodel will cost $30,000–$40,000

Bedroom Remodel Cost Factors

Square footage and the type of remodel play a huge role in the final cost, but there are additional considerations that can impact bedroom remodel costs.


There are numerous materials you could need or want for a remodel. The type of flooring, paint, crown molding, and insulation can all affect the project’s budget.

Smart Home Features

Automated features, such as smart lights, smart outlets, and smart thermostats, can make your bedroom more comfortable. You can integrate these elements into your bedroom remodel for $1,000 to $4,000 for the technology and professional installation, although there are also smart light bulbs, light fixtures, and outlet plugs for $10 to $100 each.

Consultations and Inspections

Before a home renovation, you’ll need to hire local remodeling professionals to inspect the space. You might require a permit from the city before you start, too. Permitting and inspection will cost about $600.

You might opt to work with an interior designer to reimagine your space. This will cost $50 to $200 per hour.

Furniture and Decor

If you are replacing all the furniture in a bedroom after the construction is complete, the final remodel cost will be much higher. Furniture and decor prices will range based on your preferences, but you can expect to spend $500 to $10,000 on new room decorations and furnishings.

Cost to Remodel a Bedroom Yourself

Remodeling a bedroom is a huge project that involves many skill sets to complete. It can also be dangerous, especially if you are converting a garage, attic, or basement into a bedroom or expanding a room.

A DIY bedroom remodel can cost anywhere from $200 to simply repaint the room or up to $20,000 to repaint, add new floors, install new lighting and build a walk-in closet.

DIY vs. Hire a Remodeling Pro

If you just want to repaint a room or add new crown molding, you can likely handle a small remodel on your own. But once the project involves knocking down walls, refinishing a basement, or installing any electrical work, it’s best to leave these jobs to the pros.

Remodels are heavily involved projects that often require multiple contractors and designers, plus permits and special safety considerations, particularly for dealing with load-bearing walls or any electrical wiring projects.

You might save $50 to $300 an hour over the course of days or weeks to go the DIY route, but the remodel will be completed as quickly and safely as possible if you hire local remodeling contractors.


Why should I remodel my bedroom?

There are several reasons to consider a bedroom remodel. A bedroom remodel can help expand your home’s square footage or add more storage space with walk-in closets.

If you like to follow design trends or hope to achieve a certain aesthetic, new paint, flooring, doors, and windows can go a long way.

If you plan to sell your home eventually, you can improve your home’s value with a bedroom remodel. You can expect a 40% to 80% return on your investment. “A good rule of thumb is the square footage,” says Tschudi. “For example, if the going rate for homes in your area is $200 per square foot, converting a 500-square foot attic will add $100,000 to the value of your home. So a $100,000 renovation budget will return 100% of your investment when you sell the house.”

How long will a bedroom remodel take to complete?

A bedroom remodel can take a few days for cosmetic changes such as new paint or new floors. More extensive projects, like expanding a bedroom, can take about eight weeks. Converting a basement typically takes three weeks.

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