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How Much Does It Cost To Clean Gutters & Downspouts?

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Cleaning your gutters is something that should be done regularly as part of home maintenance. This is typically a job that needs to be done either annually or biannually, depending on your climate and the amount of trees near your home. Working with licensed gutter cleaners will make the job a lot easier on you as they have experience working on a ladder, and can save you the headache of doing the job as well as the risk of falling. Also by using a reputable gutter cleaning professional, you can protect yourself from having to pay for any injuries compared to hiring a neighbor or teenager to do it.

Cost Factors

The cost to clean gutters won't vary all that much city to city, with the national average coming in at $152. Gutter cleaning on single story homes could cost as low as $60, whereas gutters on taller buildings or homes could carry extra risk and cost as much as $325 for cleaning.

House Height

A single-story house will have the lowest gutter cleaning costs. The cost to clean gutters will increase with each story. If you have more than two stories, then the taller stories might be charged on a higher rate than the lower ones because it increases the risk and usually requires special equipment.

Gutter Size

The cost to clean gutters is sometimes determined by the amount of linear feet of gutters or by the square footage of the home. Either way, the larger your home, the more you can expect gutter cleaning costs will be.

Gutter Condition

If you haven't had your gutters cleaned out in awhile, then the cost to clean gutters will probably be higher. If there is a lot of debris to remove, then the job might take longer. Gutter cleaning costs may reflect that extra time.

Gutter Extras

Some gutter cleaning professionals will inspect and tighten fasteners and reseal end caps and outlets. You may also opt to have a gutter cover installed so you can wait longer between cleanings. This will increase the cost to clean gutters, but could save you money in the future.

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Downspout Installation

Cleaning out downspouts tends to be more expensive and will add to gutter cleaning costs. This is a crucial element of gutter cleaning, though, as this will ensure that the water pours all the way down to your yard. They take extra time to clean, though, and will increase the cost to clean gutters.

Installation Discounts

Sometimes you can find discounts by signing up for a repeat service or by contacting professionals during their off season. By investigating these discounts, you might be able to save on the cost to clean gutters. Cleaning gutters will make sure that you don't flood you yard, damage your foundation or your roof, or have your gutters rip off your home from the weight of debris. You don't want to be involved in any of these scenarios; the cost to clean gutters is much less than fixing any of those possibilities. Just make sure to talk to at least three professionals before hiring anyone to make sure you find someone you trust and who you can rely on to do this job going forward.

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Derril McDonald More than 1 year ago
Keep in mind the mess after the job. Leaves being removed and not thrown in gardens and black dirty mud/water dripped onto side of the house/paint. Should have a water hose or sprayer handy to clean off the splatter before it dries on your home.
Henry Mason More than 1 year ago
These number are correct.  Around $1 per linear foot is what I charge with the typical home costing about $100 just for single story.

Anyone charging less isn't serious about business and are only low balling to play a numbers game.

1.  They aren't insured
2.  Cut corners
3.  Only clean out and not thoroughly either

One thing my customers never have to do when I'm on the project is to call me back out to redo anything.  I've been in business now going on 6 years and never once had a customer call me back out because the job wasn't done right.

I may charge more but I can justify my prices as for the low ballers you get what you pay for buyer beware.
dee mckinney More than 1 year ago
Do you work in northwest Detroit?
Sam Pickel More than 1 year ago
I'm a license and insured contractor that installs and clean gutters also, if anyone who cleans gutters and pays there help for less than $2.00 linear ft. There not a buisness .What contractor wants to take a chance of falling off a roof and getting all the equipment out and traveling to the job with fuel prices like  they are today.Homeowners check people out first before hiring them there stammers out there that could own everything you got!!!!
Robert Allen More than 1 year ago
We are on a fixed income and cannot afford high prices. It would also be helpful with senior discounts.
This is a single story house with seamless gutters. Our gutters are 240' and downspouts 40'.
Karen Darner More than 1 year ago
Over 20 years I’ve had quite a range of cost, I’m in a 3-Story townhouse. $110-300. But the thing I’d ask you to watch is being present when gutter cleaning is done. One company - the most expensive one - would always say it’s not necessary to be home. Guess what! Once I felt they had done nothing, but they left the bill & I had no evidence to the contrary. I paid the bill the next time I called after & said I’d been home & no one had accessed the roof. They argued, but sent another team out immediately. I told the company I didn’t trust them & would never use them again. Have never questioned subsequent workers. Stay home & witness their work. 
John Mceniry More than 1 year ago
Paid $4  a foot - for 192 foot for cover that fits over gutters
michael federico More than 1 year ago
I don't know where you get your pricing info, but where I live the average cost to clean gutters on an average 2-story home is only $50-$60. Nobody in my neighborhood has ever paid more than $75, at the most. Typical price is $60.
Bonnie Mckrill More than 1 year ago
THEN YOU GOT A DEAL DUDE! Why would anyone bother gettin' up a 2-story house g
clean gutters that cheap! And it5s not a question---that's a steal! An I'm a women in her 70's, an no that's tooooo cheap!
tom Gorman More than 1 year ago
what town do you live in that reflects the prices you stated?
Stephen Street 11 months ago
2.00 per foot PLUS time per hour is correct. The minimum cost should be around $125. This would be for a one story house. If the gutters are full of mud or have not been cleaned for years then the cost will be higher. The contracter should NEVER be allowed to leave a mess on or around the house, or in the yard.
bruce aslinger More than 1 year ago
bruce aslinger More than 1 year ago
james trotto More than 1 year ago
will advise after services are complete
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love you know that the way of the last year and then I will not a lot to. Good idea to the other hand out the. 

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