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$593 - $2,185

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Published January 10, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

Gutter Guard Costs

the average cost of gutter guards is $1.20 to $10 per linear foot

Installing gutter guards on an average sized home costs most homeowners $1,389, or between $593 and $2,185. The price ranges from $200 to install inexpensive covers yourself to as much as $6,000 for high-end, professional installation. The price of the material runs from $1.20 per foot to $10 per foot.

No one enjoys the task of cleaning out gutters. One way to alleviate the work required is by installing gutter guards. Although they come in many forms, their main job is the same: to keep leaves and other debris from creating clogs that prevent water from flowing freely. Low cost DIY guards are available but the higher end, more effective units include professional installation as a package.

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National Average $1,389
Typical Range $593 - $2,185
Low End - High End $175 - $4,000

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 2,107 HomeAdvisor members.

Gutter Guard Costs Per Foot by Type

There are different styles that have varying degrees of guaranteed effectiveness. In general, the more effective styles will be more expensive. Below is a chart of the different types based on the price of the material.

Gutter Guard Costs Per Foot
TypeCost Per Foot
Metal Mesh Screens$1.20 - $4
Micro Mesh Screens$9
Vinyl Grid$0.40
Full Surface Tension Covers$4 - $8
Gutter Brushes$3
Foam Inserts$2

Metal Mesh Screens

Constructed from a sheet of metal with holes punched through it, they come in either aluminum or stainless steel and range $1.20 to $4 per foot. They are good at blocking most debris, but will let through anything smaller than the holes, such as seeds or small petals which will eventually require cleaning.

Micro Mesh Screens

Composed of a steel or aluminum frame which is then covered with a super fine wire mesh. There is very little debris that will pass through the mesh. This style is one of the most effective and cost around $9 per foot. Some brands require professional installation.

Plastic or Vinyl Grid Screens

Some covers are available in vinyl grids. These covers are not as durable as metal guards but are the cheapest at $0.40 to $4 per foot.

Full Surface Tension Covers

Made from a solid piece of metal, these have an engineered curve that slopes down into a small gap between the guard and the gutter. The water will flow down the curve and into the trough through the gap because of the surface tension of the water. Debris flows off the edge because the size of the gap does not allow it to pass through.

The price for these ranges from $4 to 8 per foot.

Gutter Brushes

These are more like filters. They are a long roll of brush designed to fit inside the tray. The idea is that the bristles will allow water to pass through while blocking the leaves. The drawback to this brush style is that they will need to be periodically removed and cleaned.

The price of brushes runs $3 per foot.

Foam Inserts

These inserts fit into the trough. The foam allows water to pass through into a cavity below the foam while the leaves stay on top and get washed off.

Foam inserts are around $2 per foot.

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Top Brands by Type
MastershieldMicro Mesh
LeafGuardContinuous plus surface tension guard in one
Klean GutterMicro Mesh
Gutter HelmetSurface tension
ValorMetal Mesh
KGuardContinuous gutter plus surface tension guard in one
RaindropVinyl Grid
EasyOnMicro Mesh

MasterShield Gutter Protection has unique features that provide extra protection for your home. The system is backed by a lifetime no-clog warranty. Its self-cleaning design is pitched with your roof to prevent debris build-up. This gutter guard's shingle-safe install also prevents common sources of roof rot. It even has a patented filter with copper stripes to prevent algae and fungus from building clogs. For material and installation costs, call a pro for a quote.

This is a one-piece system including the cover. It requires professional installation as they are fabricated to custom lengths during the install. Completely replacing your existing gutters is necessary making this one of the more expensive options. The look of continuity may be worth the price, though. For an accurate quote, contact a pro.

Klean Gutter Leaf Guard's unique micro-mesh design sets itself apart with a larger water-receiving area than the industry norm. It has an expanded metal frame that pulls water quickly through the filter. It also has two strategically-placed downward extensions in the frame to concentrate water flow and force it to drop instantly into the gutter below. For installation and product costs, call a pro for a quote.

A surface tension design that fits into your existing system. It slides under the shingles and has reinforced brackets that keep it in place. You will have to hire a professional for these and they will be $15 to $30 per foot including installation.

Steel mesh with an elevated pattern designed to break the water surface tension as it passes across. Only available from a professional installer. Call a pro for a quote.

A full system with gutters and covers integrated in a single piece. They require the replacement of your existing system and need a professional to do the work. Call a pro for a quote.

A polypropylene grid system that comes in preset lengths from $4 to $5 per foot. Designed for easy mounting that works for DIYers.

This is a stainless-steel frame with steel micromesh and is specifically designed for mounting yourself. There is a set of video instructions to follow. The price is $3 to 4 per foot for the materials.

For estimated prices for the below brands, call the manufacturer or a professional contractor for a free quote.

Guard TypeBrands That Carry This Type
Aluminum mesh or mesh insert
  • Bulldog
  • ShurFlo
  • Leafproof
  • Diamond Sheild
  • Springrock
Stainless steel mesh or micro mesh
  • Xtreme
  • Champion
  • Gutterdome
  • GutterGlove
Vinyl frame with micro mesh
  • Leaffilter
Polypropylene brush insert
  • Hedgehog
Curved surface tension style
  • Byers

Average Installation Costs & Factors

On average, professional installation is $9 per foot. However, there are many factors that affect the price.

Gutter Material: Aluminum vs. Steel

When first deciding, there are many gutter materials available. From vinyl gutters to wood types or even copper systems. By far the most common are aluminum and galvanized steel.

Steel is sturdier and more damage resistant than aluminum, so you may need to be more careful installing on aluminum.

Galvanized steel has a thin coating of zinc protecting it from rust. Exposing the steel below the coating can allow rust to form, so using covers that require screws may not be the best choice.

Also, consider the aesthetic appeal of the covers when working with copper or some other decorative type. You don't want to have shiny steel covers over your beautiful copper.

Snap On vs. Screw On

Different cover types require different methods of installation. Some snap into place and require minimal cuts or alterations. Other guards require screws or bolts and need altering to fit in the trough. The more complicated the work, the higher the price.

Contractor Provided Materials

If you're working with a contractor to provide the material as well as do the installation, they will give you one price for the whole job, including all materials.

If you buy the material yourself and then look for a handyman or other professional to install, you will have to price out both separately. An advantage to using contractor provided material is that the contractor will usually deal with the warranty on the material and the work.

Accessibility/Home Height

The price for a single-story house will be less than the price on one with two or more stories. If the installer rents a lift or scaffolding, this will drive the price up. Likewise, if there is a steep drop off or a water feature to work around, installers are likely to charge more.

Roof Configuration

Installation costs more on multiple rooflines with ninety-degree bends where they come together. If you have just one long, straight roofline, then it will be easier and therefore cheaper. Also, steeply pitched roofs that require more safety equipment increase the price.

Roof Type

Some covers require integrating with the shingles to work properly. If you have a slate or other solid tile roof, it makes installation more complicated.

Location & Climate

Choose guards rated for the average rainfall in your area. If you live in a windy area, one that drop in without fasteners may not be the best choice. Snow and ice are also a consideration. Do your research to find covers that don't exacerbate ice damming at the edge of your roofline.

Barn, Garage, & Outbuildings

Having extra buildings on your property will increase the overall length of roofline that you have. Determine ahead of time if you want to include them in the installation.

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Seamless Gutters with Leaf Guards

Some systems such as LeafGuard and Kguard include the gutter and cover in one piece. The benefit of these is that they work as a single system and have smaller gaps for debris to enter the trough. Aesthetically they also look better because they are one piece of metal that's all one color.

However, expect to pay more since you're replacing your existing unit at the same time. The price starts at $25 per foot.

Other Gutter Protection System Accessories

The cost to install gutters and downspouts on your home is an investment you want to protect. Besides covers, there are other ways to maintain your system and keep the water flowing where it should.

Downspout Screens

Screens are as cheap as $2.50 per downspout.

One of the main places that clogs occur is at the spot where the water flows into the downspout. Adding a downspout screen is an inexpensive way to keep water flowing when leaves start to pile up. It will also stop the leaves from clogging inside the enclosed downspout, which is harder to clean than the open trough. The drawback is that leaves will not wash down and out of the gutter, so you may have to clean around the screens more often.

Heated Covers/ Heat Tape

At $65 for a 100-foot length, it's an inexpensive option. There are also covers available that have slots for optional heat tape.

Heat tape is a heating element in the form of a waterproof cord that runs along the length of your gutter. When the temperature drops, simply plug the heat tape in to a standard outlet to keep ice from forming.

Downspout Extensions

They range from $9 to $30 and are easy to put in yourself.

The main purpose of your gutter and downspout system is to get the water from your roof down and away from the foundation of your house so that it can't cause damage or sinking. The further you can get the water away from your foundation, the better.

Add extensions at the bottom of your downspouts so that the water runs out where it can soak into the ground or run off your yard. They come in many varieties from simple pipes that attach to the end of the downspout to plastic coils that automatically roll out when the water flows.

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

Some guards are designed for DIY projects. If doing the project yourself, make sure you have the proper equipment:

  • Tin snips: $18

  • Grinder with metal cutting blade: $65

  • Extension ladder: $100-$200

  • Lift rental: $200-$500 per day

  • Gloves, safety glasses: $25

Use proper safety measures when cutting metal and when working at heights. Also, if you choose ones that are mounted with screws you need to understand the ramifications of adding screws through your fascia boards and gutters. Follow the manufacturer's installation instructions.

If you are installing guards that integrate with your shingles, improper installation may void your roofing warranty. The purpose of the system on your roof is to prevent water from getting to your home's foundation and damaging it. Improperly installed covers may reduce the gutters' ability to do that. Ultimately, a professional will get them fitted properly and ensure that the water flows where it's supposed to.

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