How Much Will It Cost to Install or Replace a Window Well in 2022?

Typical Range:

$2,700 - $5,700

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Published December 16, 2022

Written by HomeAdvisor.

Installing egress window wells costs between $2,700 and $5,700, including parts and labor, with most people paying around $4,200. The cost depends on the complexity of the excavation, your location, and the material you choose for the window well. You'll also need to factor in the cost of installing the egress window.

Average Window Well Installation Costs

Average CostHigh CostLow Cost

Window Well Installation Cost Breakdown

Materials for window well installation include the window well itself and, potentially, the window. If you're installing windows, as well as the window wells, you'll spend more on both materials and labor.


Choosing a window well material has a big impact on your budget. For a long-lasting window well, opt for the highest quality product you can afford. The most common materials are plastic, steel, fiberglass, and concrete.

The cost of materials only starts at around $800 for plastic and metal wells, while higher-end wells, including custom concrete ones, cost up to $2,800.

Plus, you'll need to account for the cost of the window itself, which costs $100 to $700, depending on the type and size of window you choose.


Excavating the window well accounts for the majority of the labor costs, with a price range of $1,500 to $3,000. If you're also having an egress window installed, add $100 to $250 per window in labor costs.

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Window Well Installation Cost Factors

There are factors that can influence the cost of a window well installation. You should consider these when planning for your project. Talk to an expert to determine the best option for your home.

Getting a Permit and Meeting Code Requirements

In most municipalities, you'll at least need a building permit to add a window well and an egress window. This type of permit generally costs $50 to $300, but your contractor will most likely take care of this for you as part of the project fee.

Depending on the extent of the work and the regulations in your local area, you may also need a land surveyor and/or a structural engineer at a cost of $500 each.

Installing an Egress Window

If you're installing a window well, it follows that you'll need to install an egress window, too. These two jobs are usually part of the same project, which reduces overall cost. The type of window you choose has a direct impact on the total project price. The cost of an egress basement window is between $100 and $750 each.

Type of WindowCost Range (All-in)Average Cost (All-in)
Single-hung$100 – $400$250
Double-hung$250 – $500$375
Sliding windows$150 – $750$425
Casement windows$200 – $500$350
In-swing windows$350 – $700$525

Window Features

Adding double-paned windows increases the price per window to $200 to $500 for single-hung windows, while triple-paned single-hung windows cost $300 to $800 each.

If you want a low-E coating, expect to pay an extra 10% per window.

To make the windows more energy efficient in cold or very hot climates, you'll also need to apply weather stripping, which costs $130 to $400 per window.

Adding Window Well Covers

In order to protect your egress windows from the elements, dirt, debris, or critters chewing on your basement window frames, window well covers are necessary. The average price for a window well cover installation is $705, and the project price ranges from $370 to $1,115. The price depends on the type, size, and material of your chosen well cover.

Adding a Window Well as Part of a Larger Project

If you're adding a window well and an egress window, you're most likely finishing your basement and turning it into a livable space. Finishing a basement costs $7 to $23 per square foot,and you may save on the total project fee by rolling the cost of the window well and egress window into that project or adding it to the cost of installing windows in the basement.

New vs. Replacement

Replacing a window well costs between $500 and $1,500, which is significantly more affordable than the typical $4,200 cost to install a new window well. Replacing an existing one costs less because there's less work involved. The area is already excavated, so once the old well is removed, there's not much digging required to install the new one. If the window or frame is damaged beyond repair, you'll also need to cover window replacement costs

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro for Window Well Installation

For window well installation, which can involve changes to the foundation and structure of your home, it’s best to hire a professional handyperson to do it for you. Some regulations must be followed to make sure your window wells meet the code for egress and security. You can check with your local municipality for requirements, or your window well installer can do that for you.

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What size should a window well be?

A window well needs to be 8 inches deeper than the base of the window and 6 inches wider on either side. To find out the minimum window well dimensions you need, just measure the window and add 12 inches to the total width and 8 inches to the height. To meet egress window requirements, the window well has to be at least 64 x 36 inches long and wide, and between 3 and 5 feet deep.

Does a window well need a drain?

The best option for most window wells is to connect a drain to the home’s existing drainage system. A suitable drainage system can cost as little as $2,000. Your window well needs to be graded sufficiently to allow for fluids to run off correctly. If you notice moisture and a build-up of liquid in your window well, it needs better drainage.

When should I add a window well and cover?

For the best price from window installers and contractors, the best time to do this type of home improvement is during the winter, when their services aren’t as in demand, particularly for window work. But only if the ground hasn't frozen, as it's more challenging to excavate frozen earth, which can increase your labor costs.

How do I maintain my basement window wells?

You can keep your basement window wells in good condition by regularly clearing debris out of them or by installing window well covers so that debris can't get in to begin with. You'll also need to remove snow and ice buildup as soon as possible so it doesn't clog the drain or cause damage as it expands. Keep the drain clear, too, and take care of blockages right away. And check the seals on the liner, replacing the caulk if you notice any degradation.

How do you fix a rusty window well?

To fix a rusty window well with surface oxidation, scrub with a piece of steel wool and a little white vinegar to remove the current rust buildup. Clean and dry the area to remove any loose particles, then paint it with a galvanized metal primer. Let this dry, then apply a couple of layers of acrylic latex paint.