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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Home Energy Auditor?

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A home energy assessment, also known as a home energy audit, is the first step to assess how much energy your home consumes and to evaluate what measures you can take to make your home more energy efficient. An assessment will show you problems that may, when fixed, save you significant amounts of money over time.


When the auditor comes to your home, they should inspect the heating and cooling systems as well as your water system. They will inspect your ductwork, as well as your insulation, ventilation, doors and windows. Looking at your appliances and lighting is also normally a part of a standard inspection. Other tests could include a blower door test (A blower door test determines a home's overall airtightness) or infrared (IR) scans (thermography or infrared scanning to detect thermal defects and air leakage in building envelopes) - but these are not standard and normally need to be asked for and will be an additional cost.


Many times if you do a home energy audit and make the adjustments proposed by the auditor, you can get rebates from your local power company. Check with them as well as your contractor about these rebates because they can save you money on your audit.

Adjustments and fixes

This kind of audit is a good way to find out where excess energy may be escaping your home and it also highlights the areas of your home that are not energy-efficient. Be prepared for the possibility that you might need to make extensive fixes and updates to your home, especially if it is older, in order to truly make your home energy efficient. For example, you might need to replace your insulation, update your windows or make changes to your home's heating and cooling or water systems. And while it might be more expensive to make the fixes now, the money and energy it could save in the long run could make it a worthwhile investment.

Other Impacts

An energy audit can provide satisfaction for those interested in conserving energy for the sake of the environment. Making your home more energy efficient means that your home has less of a negative environmental impact on the environment around you and your family.
Additionally, the renovations that you make to improve energy efficiency could increase the value of your home. In fact, home improvements for the sake of energy efficiency are the only home improvements that actually pay for themselves in the long run.


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My cost was $300
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Nescore did mine they were great

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