How Much Does an Electrical Inspection Cost?

Typical Range:

$100 - $400

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Updated May 6, 2022

Reviewed by Salvatore Cutrona, Licensed Master Electrician.

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Electrical inspections cost between $100 and $400, with an average cost of $160. Costs can vary depending on your home’s size. Electrical inspections may also be included as part of a more comprehensive home inspection, or as a complimentary service during the completion of electrical repairs.

Average Cost of an Electrical Inspection

Average Cost$160
High Cost$400
Low Cost$100

Electrical Inspection Cost by Type

The cost of an electrical inspection may vary depending on the reason for the inspection and whether or not it’s part of a larger home inspection.

Typical Electrical Inspection

A typical electrical inspection costs between $125 and $200, with an average cost of about $200. Most electricians charge a flat rate per inspection. The electrician will thoroughly inspect your home’s wiring, electrical panel, circuit breakers, outlets, smoke detectors, and more to make sure everything is working correctly.

Electrical Inspection for Code Compliance

Electrical inspections for code compliance are often free. These inspections are often included as a complimentary add-on when your electrician is doing other work in your house. They’re a cost-effective way to make sure your electrical system is up-to-date and to nip any problems in the bud before they become serious.

Home Inspection

Electrical inspections are often included as part of a more comprehensive home inspection, which also includes things like your foundation, roof, and HVAC system. Home inspections cost an average of $340 in total.

“Electrical inspections are not something most people think about, but are certainly worth the cost when an electrical problem becomes apparent,” says Salvatore Cutrona, founder of Cutrona Electric, LLC, in CT.

If you’re interested in a home inspection that includes other elements in addition to an electrical inspection, you should get in touch with a home inspector near you to discuss your options.

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Electrical Repair Costs by Type

If an inspection turns up anything amiss with your electrical system, you’ll need to get it repaired.

Here are some common electrical repairs and their costs:

  • Upgrade or replace an electrical panel: Upgrading or replacing an electrical panel is one of the more expensive electrical repairs, costing an average of $1,180.

  • Install or replace an outlet: Installing an outlet typically costs around $210.

  • Repair a lighting fixture: Repairing a lighting fixture costs about $200.

  • Install a switch: Installing a switch is a minor electrical job that costs around $150.

  • Installing new wiring: If your home needs new wiring, it can cost an average of $1,400.

DIY vs. Hire a Pro

When it comes to your home’s electrical system, you should always err on the side of caution and hire a professional. Not only can DIY electric repairs be dangerous in the moment, but they can also increase the risk of electrical fires and other dangers down the line.

While it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your home’s electrical system in order to spot any issues that arise, often only a trained electrician will have the experience to recognize and diagnose electrical issues. You should get in touch with an electrician near you for an electrical inspection quote.


When should you get an electrical inspection?

There are a few times when an electrical inspection is recommended. These include when you purchase a home, if you complete an extensive renovation or addition, if you’ve added new appliances in the past decade, or if your home is over 40 years old.

Because a home’s electrical system is vital to you and your family’s health and safety, you should consider doing an electrical inspection if you have any concerns or questions about the electricity in your house.

What are some electrical report red flags?

Some inspection red flags include outdated wiring and low voltage. If there’s a serious issue with your electrical system, your electrician may have to install new electrical wiring or a new electrical panel. New electrical wiring or panels cost $550 to $2,200, depending on how much work is necessary.

Why should I get my electrical system inspected?

When buying or renovating a house, an electrical inspection may not be your first concern. That said, it’s an important step in ensuring the safety of your home and your family. Electrical fires can be incredibly dangerous, causing property damage and even costing lives.

Making sure your electrical system is up to date and properly functioning is one of the best ways to prevent electrical malfunctions and make sure your home is as safe as possible.

How should I prepare for an electrical system inspection?

In order to make sure the inspection goes as smoothly as possible, you should make a note of any questions or concerns you’d like to raise with the electrician, as well as any electrical problems or malfunctions you may be experiencing.

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