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How Much Does Rodent Control Cost?

Typical Range: $172 - $535

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Raccoon, Rat, and Mouse Exterminator Cost

It’ll cost an average of $352 to have a rodent removed with a typical range between $172 and $535. Mice and rat removal runs anywhere from $200 to $1,200. Raccoon removal usually costs $350 to $500, not including repairs, which can add $1,000 to $2,500 or more. Most inspections cost $100 but often get deducted from the price of removal if you decide to sign with the inspection company.

  • For mice and rats, the sooner you call a professional, the better. They reproduce quickly with 5 to 6 litters of 10 offspring each throughout a year. The larger the infestation, the more damage they cause and the more it’ll cost to have them removed.
  • For racoons, deal with them quickly too. While they aren’t rodents and don’t reproduce as quickly, they can cause an immense amount of damage. Raccoons are protected under most state laws and require removal and relocation rather than extermination. We’ll get into more detail on these critters below.

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National Average $352
Typical Range $172 - $535
Low End - High End $85 - $1,200

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How Much is Pest Control or Extermination for Mice or Rats?

Full-Service extermination, including traps, bait, sealing entry points and cleanup, costs $200 to $600. Most professionals include at least one follow up visit. But with extensive infestations (the kind that requires multiple visits) you might end up paying up to $1,200.

Live Rodent Removal Prices

Live removal costs are incredibly situational and regionally dependent, but you can expect to spend at least $50 more. The added expense comes from relocating the pests at least 1 mile from any home which takes time, adds mileage to vehicles and uses extra fuel. Imagine the time, fuel and work it would take to remove rodents from a large city, like Los Angeles, to an unpopulated area vs. the short drive to a field outside a rural town in Nebraska. However, some pros recommend against this for rodents since they are likely to die outside in the winter.

Rat & Mice Extermination Follow-Up Visits

Most pros include the first follow-up in their first invoice. If you need more than one it can add $50 to $150 per visit or even double the price. Pest control companies sometimes offer monthly, bi-monthly, or even quarterly follow-up plans.

Fumigation Costs for Rats & Mice

Fumigation for any pest costs $1 to $3 per square foot. So, for a 2,000 square foot home, you’ll pay anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000. However, qualified professionals can easily control any rodent infestation with bait, traps and exclusion, and most don’t even offer fumigation services. Only fumigate as an extreme last resort. It’s disruptive and harmful for several reasons:

  • You’re potentially exposing yourself, family and pets to harmful chemicals.
  • You’ll need to move out of your home for a few days.
  • It leaves dead rodents to decompose in the walls.
  • Chemicals escape into the environment, possibly causing harm.

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Factors of Rodent Control Prices

The most important factors of rodent removal are the size of your property and the extent of the infestation.

  • The larger your property, the longer it will take to find and seal entry points. Larger properties are also prone to multiple points of entry to address and more pests to remove.
  • The severity of rodent infestation: more pests mean higher cost. The larger the infestation, the more traps, bait and cleanup you’ll need.
  • Location and accessibility of the infestation will affect the cost. The harder it is to access the areas of infestation, the longer it takes to find and seal entry points, clean up feces and repair damage.

Rodent Cleanup Costs

Professionals almost always include cleanup costs as part of the total project price of $200 to $600. However, large infestations requiring multiple visits with multiple cleanup sessions might increase the price. Keeping a clean home after removal of the infestation is the best way to keep them from coming back. Hiring a maid costs $100 to $250 per cleaning.

Rodent Inspection Cost

Most companies offer a free inspection. If those in your area don’t, expect to pay about $100. For large properties or those with multiple buildings, you might pay as much as $250. The initial examination finds the type and extent of your infestation. After this, you should receive a written estimate for continued treatment.

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Terminix vs. Orkin Mice and Rat Control Costs

Both Terminix and Orkin charge $300 to $500 for a full inspection that includes mice, rats and insects. However, quotes can vary from there. Some reports indicate that Orkin costs slightly more. These companies offer regular visits ranging between $400 and $2,000 per year but include spraying for other pests, like termites.

Compare Quotes to Get the Best Price on Rodent Removal.

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DIY vs. Hiring a Professional Rodent Removal Company

Keeping mice and rats out of your home isn’t tough to do yourself. Keep a clean home with food stored in airtight containers and clean spills immediately after they happen. Many homeowners try a DIY approach to rats and mice with traps and poisons, with varying results. To get rid of your pest problem without risking you or your family's health, contact a rodent control company near you today.

DIY Rodent Traps

If you’re set on the DIY approach, understand the different methods available. A couple of points to remember before starting:

  • Traps of all sorts are available, but not all traps are appropriate.
  • Do not use poison if you have pets. If your pet eats a poisoned rat or mouse, they get poisoned too.
  • Also, avoid steel traps, they can injure your pets.
Live traps$2-$15Most humane, Release pests at least 1 mile from your home.
Snap traps$1-$2Cheap and effective. Not very humane.
Jaw traps$3-$5Very effective and kill quickly.
Bait stations$5-$15Safer way to use poisons around pets & family.
Glue traps$3-$10Sticky pads that immobilize. Inhumane. Avoid these.

Pest control is as much about your home as your health. When you have a pest problem, don’t hesitate to call a professional. This will help keep your family, pets, and home safe and pest free.

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Raccoon Removal Cost

In many urban and rural areas, you can have raccoons removed for free by your local Animal Control Department. To hire a professional service because you’re either outside of Animal Control service areas or you want a service guarantee, it’ll cost $350 to $500 per raccoon to remove them from your home. This doesn’t include any repairs. Most of the time, they nest in your attics, causing damage to insulation, roofing, wiring and drywall. They also leave large holes in your roof, letting water wreak havoc on your ceiling and walls.

Raccoon Removal vs. Extermination

Most state laws require you to remove and relocate raccoons, not exterminate them. This is because they are considered “wildlife” and get special considerations even if they’re viewed as pests by the rest of us. If the raccoons are outside, the cost is usually lower. Trapping outside is simpler and there usually isn’t any structural damage to worry about or entry points to seal up. A few further notes to consider:

  • While we don’t recommend DIY removal due to the potential for diseases, you can buy live animal traps for $30 to $150.
  • Poisoning raccoons is usually illegal.
  • Light, sound and scent deterrents don’t have a good track record of working.
  • Once they’re trapped, a professional service or your local animal control agency will relocate them at least 10 miles from your home.

Raccoon Removal Specialists

Raccoons nest in your home to get out of the cold and raise their young. But you should never try to remove them yourself. Often, pest control companies offer services for both raccoons and rodents. But you can hire a raccoon removal specialist near you. They understand how to trap and remove them with care and following all local, state and national guidelines for safe removal without harming the animal.

Find Raccoon Removal Specialists Near You

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Raccoon & Rodent Infestation Repair Costs

Besides the actual removal service, rats, mice and raccoons often create expensive messes and damage. Here’s what might be in store after the removal:

Talk to your insurance company to see if they cover any of these repairs.

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Does homeowner’s insurance cover rodent or raccoon removal?

Rodent removal isn’t covered by most homeowner’s insurance, but call your insurance rep immediately to make sure. While insurance doesn’t pay for the removal of raccoons, it’ll often cover the damage they cause.

What is rodent exclusion and how much does it cost?

The cost of rodent exclusion, the process of eliminating rodent access to your home, is included in the extermination and removal fees of $200 to $600. The professional will seal all entry points against further incursions. The price usually includes a follow-up inspection to check for and seal new or missed entry points. Exclusion requires more than sealing holes. You’ll also need to:

  • Prune trees. Rats and mice use these like stairs to gain access to your home.
  • Screen crawlspaces. Put screens over air vents.
  • Repair roofs. Keep your roof vents inaccessible with screens and repair any holes.

How much does Orkin cost for mice?

You’ll pay anywhere from $250 to $1,000 for an Orkin mouse extermination.

How do exterminators get rid of mice?

Exterminators use a combination of traps and bait stations to kill the mice. They also seal up your home and clean up any droppings.

How long does it take an exterminator to get rid of mice?

Depending on the infestation, it can take a few days to a few weeks

How do I find out where rats are getting in?

The best way to identify rat entry points is with a professional who is trained and experienced in finding these holes. They’re not always obvious and leaving even one open can lead to re-infestation.

How can I keep rodents away from my home?

The best way to keep rodents away from your home is to keep all food sources secure and block all entries. Keep a clean home and keep all your food in secure, airtight containers.

How to get rid of rats in the walls or the attic?

The best way to get rid of rats in your walls and attic is with any rodent trap. However, you should avoid glue traps because they’re not a humane method. Poisons also work but present a health hazard for both your family and pets. For the most humane solution, choose a live trap and release the animals at least a mile from any human dwelling.

Will peppermint deter rats?

Most professionals agree that peppermint oil won’t deter rats. There are plenty of conflicting reports on its effectiveness. However, most agree that it won’t get rid of already nesting rodents but might help deter future infestations.

How do I keep rats away from my chickens?

Keeping rats away from chickens means keeping the food sources away. Without food to eat, they won’t be interested in your chicken coop. Clean up all spilled seed and store all your food in airtight feed drums. Remove or cover all your water and food sources at night.

Can mice and rats cause health problems?

Wild rats and mice can cause a wide range of health problems in humans. In total, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) counts 26 various infections caused indirectly and directly by rodents.

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