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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Fireplace?

Typical Range: $175 - $913

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Gas Fireplace Repair Cost

Repairing a gas fireplace typically costs between $175 and $913. Most homeowners pay between $160 to $820 for general fireplace repairs (regardless of fuel type) but prices could range from $90 all the way to $2,000 on the high end.

Fireplaces are an attractive and affordable way to heat your home during the winter. They last a lifetime if cared for properly but need repairs from time to time. If you notice water in your fireplace, smoke not filtering through the chimney or any other oddity, stop using your fireplace and call a professional. These could be signs of hazardous issues. How much you pay to fix these issues depends on the type of repair it needs.

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National Average $526
Typical Range $175 - $913
Low End - High End $90 - $2,300

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Fireplace Repair Cost

the average cost to repair a fireplace is $525 or $90 to $2,200

Fixing a fireplace averages $526 but can range anywhere from $90 to $2,200. Most homeowners pay between $175 and $913. While repairing a gas fireplace averages $100 to $300, prices may vary for other fuel types. The type of fuel you use might also affect the price to repair your chimney. Find a chimney repair specialist near you to get an exact estimate.

Firebox Repair Cost

Fixing a firebox costs $160 to $750. A stone firebox that needs rebuilding can cost upwards of $1,500 or $2,500.

Fireplace Panel Replacement Cost

Replacing a fireplace panel runs between $180 to $250 including labor. Expect to pay $360 to $750 if replacing multiple panels.

Cost to Replace Fireplace Mantle

A new mantle costs $490 to $680, including labor. Depending on the extend of your mantle upgrade, you may consider other fireplace installation cost variables.

Fireplace Flue Replacement Cost

Replacing the flue liner is between $2,500 to $5,000. Flue liners need replacing when they crack or break. Sometimes a replacement isn’t necessary. Chimney flue repairs cost anywhere from $200 to $5,000. Some cases may call for the cost to reline the chimney, in which case you could pay in the thousands.

Gas Fireplace Inspection Cost

Inspecting a gas fireplace costs $75 to $125. You should get an inspection every year and as issues arise. Inspections can investigate issues like gas smells and why it's burning through fuel too quickly.

Fireplace Restoration Cost

Restoring a fireplace ranges between $390 to $2,000. Repairing mortar or other smaller projects are often less than $100; projects involving gas lines lean closer to $2,000.

Repointing Fireplace Cost

Repointing brick costs $700 to $2,130. However, if you only need to repoint the fireplace and not the chimney, you might pay between $5 and $25 per square foot. Repointing helps preserve the structure of brick and mortar. Tuckpointing is more for aesthetics. Tuckpointing brick costs between $3 and $10 per square foot.

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Chimney Sweeping

Chimney sweeping costs $130 to $375 and is necessary to reduce the risk of fire. Fires can occur when a buildup called creosote gets too thick. Burning a log releases creosote resin which collects in your chimney. Creosote resin is highly flammable and becomes dangerous when it builds up (an eighth of an inch or thicker). Hire a professional to clean out this resin to protect your home from a fire.

Other Common Fireplace Repairs

The “place” in “fireplace” refers to what is known architecturally as the “firebox.” A firebox is usually made of brick, stone, or metal.

Brick and stone fireplaces need a lot of the same repairs, most frequently involving mortar. Cracks can form at joints and corners — fix these as soon as possible to avoid costly repairs later. Bricks and porous stones absorb water, which leads to cracks and breaks. The acidic combination of water and creosote can also cause a breakdown of the materials. Metal fireboxes don’t usually crack, but the creosote/water compound can cause rust and deterioration.

Outdoor fireplaces are most prone to weather damage. The mortar can deteriorate and cause bricks or stones to become loose and fall out. Here are some other things to keep in mind for outdoor fireplaces:

  • Maintain glazed tiles
  • Regularly clean out the firebox
  • Cover metal parts to prevent rust
  • If living in an earthquake zone, order an inspection after an earthquake

Wood stoves are cast iron stoves that are every bit as functional as they are decorative. The most common issue with wood stoves is door gasket failure. The gasket keeps smoke from billowing out into the room and while they’re designed to withstand heat, they break down over time. Luckily, gaskets are easy to replace.

Common Wood Stove Repairs

Repair TypeGood to KnowRepair Cost
Smoky coatings on glass doorsYou can eliminate the coating with ashes and a rag!The price of a rag
New stove smellNew stoves often smell like fresh paint for about a week.$0, unless it persists (an inspection is $75 to $125)
Smoking stoveUsually caused by wet wood.$0, just keep your wood dry
Chimney ObstructionsCreosote buildup, animal nests, and wind-borne debris (such as leaves) are the common culprits.$120 to $360 for cleaning
Stovepipes coming loose at the jointsInspect all joints annually and after an earthquake.$75 to $125 for an inspection
Failing gasketFailure due to age or faulty gasket glue.$20 to $50 (not including labor
Improperly installed wood stove insertsWhen not installed correctly, gases won’t safely vent outdoors.$3,000 to $4,000 for a new installation
Save Yourself the Hassle. Let a Fireplace Specialist Get It Done.

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

There’s too much room for error and dangerous falls when it comes to DIY fireplace and chimney repairs. It is always best to play it safe and rely on a professional. Find a fireplace repair company near you to fix the problem. Not properly fixing an issue with your fireplace could result in even costlier repairs at best and a dangerous fire at worst.


What happens if the pilot light goes out on a gas fireplace?

A pilot light heats a sensor called a thermocouple. When the thermocouple is warm, it signals that electricity should keep flowing. If your pilot light goes out, the thermocouple cools down and electricity cuts off.

You shouldn’t have to worry about gas flowing in your home because of the thermocouple, but if you smell gas, get your family out of your home and call 911. Your local energy provider may need to perform an inspection; find their contact information where you pay your bill and tell them about the issue.

Is it more expensive to run a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces are more expensive than electric or wood-burning fireplaces. A pellet stove costs just $35 to $45 per month to run, which is cheaper than a gas fireplace.

Does a gas fireplace need cleaning?

Gas fireplaces need an annual cleaning and inspection.

Do plumbers fix gas fireplaces?

Natural gas plumbers can fix fireplaces, but most fireplace repair companies offer similar services regardless of the fire fuel type.

How often should a gas fireplace be serviced?

You should get your gas fireplace serviced every fall. Find a great fireplace service professional you can schedule annual services with.

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