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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Stained Glass?

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The beauty of stained or leaded glass is unmatched. It can add elegance to the simplest homes in entry windows or throughout the living area. When stained or leaded glass is in need of repair it is important to find a professional trained specifically in this type of glass repair. You may feel intimidated by the potential cost of repairing your stained glass. Here are a few things to consider before having your stained or leaded glass repaired that may help put your mind t ease about the price of the kind of repair you are looking for

Types of Repairs

There are a number of different types of repairs that your stained or leaded glass may need. Each one requires different amounts of work, craftsmanship, experience, time and money.

Broken or Cracked Glass Panel

if a piece of stained glass within the entire panel is cracked or broken, the piece usually can be easily removed and replaced without having to remove the entire stained or leaded panel. In this case, the repair would be simple quick and relatively inexpensive. Most stained glass repair pros will quote you a price per piece that needs to be replaced, or will quote an hourly rate with a ballpark time estimate on how long it will take them

Panel Re-grouting

Sometimes the panel of stained or leaded glass is unharmed, but the grouting or weatherproofing around the edges that hold the panel in place has come out or cracked. In this case, the panel can usually be removed, cleaned and reset without too much trouble or time. You will still want to hire a pro who has experience in how to handle stained, leaded or delicate glass work, but the repair itself is a simple and more straightforward setting and calking job and should not break the bank

Re-leading Stained Glass

Sometimes there are multiple cracks in many of the glass pieces or the entire panel has become warped, is no longer flat and has caused multiple breaks. In this case it is best to remove the panel from its location and have it taken apart, the glass cleaned and the entire panel re-leaded or re built. In these cases, accurate documentation in the form of drawing s and photos is usually necessary for the panel to be rebuilt exactly as it was. This will be your most expensive type of repair and the cost will depend greatly on the amount of damage and the size of the piece that needs to be re-leaded
Age and time are the single largest factors in the breaking, cracking or sagging of stained and leaded glass panels, but the with right restoration professionals, skilled in the specific repair and replacement of these types of specialty glasses you should have no problems having your glass repaired to look as good as new.


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Mike Magee More than 1 year ago
this is about correct.  I charge between $35-$65 an hour for repairs depending on the color, complexity, and color matching.  So for 3-4 hours of work this is inline.  Most people forget about the dismantling of pieces and how delicate it must be not to crack more glass, and getting it to match as close as possible, due to sun fading, age of metals etc.  At we special in repairs and creating glass pieces that can not be found, and we fabrication them from scratch, and blending other colors, and creating ceramic molds to shape specialized pieces, and the custom projects do require more time and cost.  But for the everyday glass repair, for the average homeowner, spot on !!! 
Charlene Arbuckle More than 1 year ago
again its a arch window above another window of the 3 panels unattach and fell sideways. what will have to been done..

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