How Much Does Computer Repair Cost?

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$45 - $90

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Published April 28, 2021

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Computer Repair Cost

The average cost to repair a computer is about $60 per hour, with a range between $45 and $90 per hour, depending on location. You may also encounter call-out or travel fees if the technician comes to you.

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Average Computer Repair Costs

These costs only apply to the cost of fixing a computer. Damage to your electrical system may require an electrician in your area.

Cost CategoryCost per Hour
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Laptop Repair Pricing Guide

The cost of a laptop repair typically ranges between $100 and $250. The specific type of repair and the extent of the damage are the biggest cost factors for these procedures. The cost of replacing a hard drive is particularly variable, depending on its capacity.

The problem may be strictly software, in which case there shouldn’t be a cost for parts. A hardware problem will likely include a cost for parts, as these repairs usually involve a part replacement. Restoring data is also a common part of hardware repairs.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement Cost

The cost of a keyboard replacement for a PC laptop is typically between $100 and $120. The cost of replacing the keyboard for a Mac laptop varies greatly between models. For example, a tech must take a MacBook Pro apart to replace the keyboard because a separate screw attaches each key to the rest of the laptop.

Laptop Water Damage Repair Cost

Laptops that haven’t received extensive damage cost about $100 to fix, while the cost to fix a laptop with a lot of damage could exceed $250. The damage that water causes inside the laptop doesn’t depend very much on the amount of water. Instead, damage is more dependent on the length of time the water was present. A computer tech will need to open up your laptop to provide a meaningful cost estimate.

Laptop Fan Replacement Cost

The cost of a laptop fan is quite low, usually between $10 and $20. However, it also needs about two hours of labor because the technician usually has to disassemble the laptop to access the fan. This process requires a high level of skill to complete without causing damage, although the replacement of the fan is quite simple.

Laptop Hard Drive Replacement Cost

Installing a one terabyte (TB) SATA hard drive on a laptop typically costs $110, including parts and labor. The cost of a 500 gigabyte (GB) solid state drive (SSD) is about $179 for parts and labor. A laptop’s hard drive is fairly easy to replace, so the price of the hard drive accounts for most of these costs. These prices don’t include the cost of moving data to the new drive, which is about $100.

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Cost to Replace a Laptop Battery

The cost of a new laptop battery can range from $30 to $200. A refurbished laptop battery costs between $20 and $70. Many laptops use standard batteries, which are at the lower end of these ranges. The most expensive laptop batteries are proprietary models made specifically for that laptop.

Cost to Fix a Laptop Hinge

A simple repair for a laptop hinge costs between $40 and $90. However, this cost can exceed $150 if the repair requires the replacement of other parts such as the back of the screen or front bezel. In some cases, fixing the hinge may require the tech to install custom brackets.

Laptop Screen Repair Cost

The cost of fixing a laptop screen is about $125 for a screen that measures between 10.1 and 11.6 inches. The cost of fixing a 17.3-inch screen on a laptop ranges between $175 and $195. These prices are for standard screens. High-end screens will typically require a custom quote from a computer repair shop near you.

Desktop Computer Repairs Price List

The cost of desktop computer parts can range from $100 to $1,000. However, the high cost of labor may make buying a new computer more sensible. The general rule of thumb is that you should consider a new system if the total repair cost will be more than one-fourth the cost of the most inexpensive new system that meets your needs.

Hard Drive Repair Cost

The total cost of replacing a hard drive is about $200. This price includes the cost of the hard drive, which is between $60 and $100. It also takes about two hours of labor, for an average cost of $120. Hard drives are one of the most common and easiest components to replace on a desktop computer.

Graphics Card Repair Cost

The cost of a graphics card is about $100 for an entry-level model and $200 for a mid-range model. High-end graphics cards for serious gaming and graphics work can reach $1,000 or more. The prices of these cards are often based on demand versus manufacturing costs, especially for new cards. The labor needed to install a graphics card on a desktop shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes, unless extensive testing and diagnostics are required.

Motherboard Replacement Cost

A mid-range motherboard costs about $200. The time need to install a motherboard is two to three hours due to the testing this replacement requires. This doesn’t include the time required to diagnose the problem as a faulty motherboard.

Apple Computer Repair Price Sheet

The cost of Apple computer repairs range from up to $200 for a battery replacement to a maximum of $550 for replacing a hard drive. These are some of the most common repairs for an Apple laptop, also known as a MacBook. These repairs are more expensive than those of PCs as MacBooks use proprietary parts.

Apple Hard Drive Replacement Cost

The total cost of replacing a hard drive in an Apple computer ranges from $200 to $550. The cost of a 240 GB SSD for a MacBook Pro is $75, while a 1 TB SSD costs $260. The cost of labor for these repairs is between $120 and $300, depending on the amount of data processing required.

Find Local Computer Repair ExpertsCost to Replace a Mac Battery

The cost of replacing a MacBook Pro battery ranges from $129 to $199, depending on the model. These prices assume you buy your battery directly from Apple. You can also buy these batteries from outside vendors at a lower price, typically for $59 to $149.

Average Hourly Rate for Computer Repair

The national average rate for computer repair is $60 per hour, with location as the main cost variable. The low end is $45 to $50 per hour, while the high end is $85 to $90 per hour. Computer repair techs in your area can provide you with more accurate information on local rates.

In-Home Computer Repair Prices

Computer technicians charge additional fees if you want them to come to you. Many charge a call-out fee to cover the tech’s travel time and expenses. The call-out fee may also cover a certain amount of time for the tech to work on your computer.

DIY vs. Hire a Computer Repair Pro

You can usually perform the simple replacement of parts for most desktops with some basic experience. However, home computer safety steps require you to protect your computer from static electricity while working on it. Laptops and proprietary models may require a pro who is experienced with those particular computers. The diagnostics needed to identify faulty parts may also require professional expertise.


Is it worth fixing a computer?

You should always compare the cost of repair against the cost of a new computer before spending any money on a new computer. Prices on new models generally drop quickly, so serious computer repairs are often not worth the expense.

Is it worth fixing a laptop?

Laptops are rarely worth repairing if they have any serious hardware problems. The labor needed to access the parts means the repair is often uneconomical, even when the part itself is inexpensive.

What happens if your hard drive is damaged?

You should strongly consider replacing your hard drive as soon as you suspect that it may be failing. This strategy will allow you time to copy the data onto a new hard drive while the old one is still functional. Recovering data on a failed hard drive is much more expensive than simply transferring data from it.

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