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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Computer Network Or Wiring?

Typical Range: $91 - $214

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If you're having issues with your computer network or with any wiring, then it may be time to call in the professionals. Fixing the wiring will require a licensed electrician. Though you might be tempted to try this yourself, any wiring repair runs the risk of electrocution or other hazards. If you have a network of computers and something is faulty with the network, then a professional can help you diagnose the problem and figure out the easiest way to fix it. When it comes to fixing issues like these, there are a couple of common factors that could affect the cost.

Age of Wiring

If your home is older, then you might be dealing with outdated wiring for computer systems. Some older homes still have aluminum wiring instead of the standard copper, which can be a problem. This would require a full rewiring, and this would mean that the cost to repair wiring would be higher. You also may need to replace two-pronged outlets with grounded outlets.

Network Wiring Access

If your home network's wiring is encased within your walls then finding, diagnosing and fixing the problem can be both time consuming and expensive, as it would require drilling into the walls and pulling the wring out to fix it. If the wiring for your network is fully exposed then the diagnosis can be very simple and much faster, and the needed repairs, although they may be extensive, will be less expensive than they would be if the wires were inside your walls.

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National Average $152
Typical Range $91 - $214
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Labor Costs

Most electricians will charge by the hour for diagnosis and repair, and so the cost for any wiring repair is completely dependent on the extent of the problem. However, if you specifically look for a pro who is experienced not only in wiring issues, but in issues specific to computer networking then you may be able to save both time and money. Sometimes with computer repair, what you believe to be an electrical issue is actually a networking or connectivity issue. A computer specialist may be able to recognize and fix your problem faster and more effectively than an electrician without those skills.


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