How Much Does Dishwasher Repair Cost?

Typical Range:

$50 - $600

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Updated December 1, 2020

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Average Dishwasher Repair Cost

An average dishwasher repair costs $230. Repairs might cost only $50 to $100 but could also run as high as $600.

When charged by the hour, repairing an appliance costs between $100 and $200 per hour.

The price to repair a dishwasher depends on several factors:

  • The age of your dishwasher.

  • Dishwasher brand.

  • Your technician’s level of experience.

  • Whether or not a repair warranty is offered.

  • The type of repair needed.

Average Costs to Fix a Dishwasher

Average Cost$230
High Cost$600
Low Cost$50

Dishwasher Pump Replacement Cost

the average cost to repair a dishwasher is $100 to $200 per hour

Replacing a dishwasher pump typically ranges from $150 to $350, but could cost as much as $400 or $600. Dishwasher pumps are essential for draining water.

The clearest way to tell if you need a new pump is if water fills up in your dishwasher and won’t drain, or if it leaks onto the floor. However, there’s another, slightly smellier way to see if you need a replacement pump. If your dishwasher starts to stink, it’s probably a sign that water isn’t draining properly.

Dishwasher Motor Cost

Motors are more expensive to replace; with labor and materials you can expect to pay $400 to $600. Replacing the motor on a newer or popular brand of dishwasher might be closer to the low end of the range. This is because their parts are typically easier to find and order.

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Dishwasher Heating Element Replacement Cost

Heating elements are between $150 and $250 to replace. Every dishwasher has a heating element, typically located near the bottom. It heats water (for the wash cycle) and air (to dry the dishes).

Other Costs to Fix a Dishwasher

PartCost to ReplaceWhat It Does
Filter$50 - $100Clears out bits of food.
Sprayer arm$75 - $100Rinses and cleans the dishes.
Water inlet valve$80 - $125Fills unit with the right amount of hot water.
Door latch assembly$150 - $250Keeps the door closed.

Repair vs. Replace a Dishwasher

While repairing a dishwasher averages between $160 and $300, replacing a dishwasher costs $670 to $1,270. Deciding on whether to repair or replace a dishwasher depends on a few things.

When to Repair vs. Replace a Dishwasher
ScenarioRepair or Replace?
The unit is under warrantyRepair
It's 8+ years oldReplace
Repair costs equal or more than replacementReplace
It requires frequent repairsReplace

For smaller repairs on a dishwasher that’s only a few years old, repairing probably makes more sense than replacing. Find an appliance repair technician near you for a professional opinion.

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DIY vs. Hire a Professional

Since dishwashers require plumbing and electricity in order to work, it’s best to hire a professional for repairs. Appliance repair technicians can properly assess and diagnose the problem and get your dishwasher up and running once again. They can also tell you if it’s better to replace or repair your unit.


Is it worth getting a dishwasher repaired?

Dishwasher repairs make a lot of sense when the repair is smaller or the unit is newer. When it’s easy to find the necessary replacement parts, repairs aren’t as pricey. Oftentimes, smaller repairs (such realigning the sprayer arm) cost less than paying for a brand new dishwasher.

What is the average life expectancy of a dishwasher?

Dishwashers typically last between 9 to 10 years. They might only work for 6 years but could also last for 12 years. The length of time a dishwasher lasts depends on the brand, how well it’s maintained and how frequently it’s used.

Do dishwashers have two pumps?

Most dishwashers have one pump that separate into two sections. The first compartment is for moving the water around and the second is for draining water.

How do I know if my heating element is bad in my dishwasher?

You’ll probably need to replace your heating element if your dishes are soaking wet after running them through the dishwasher. However, make sure your appliance settings are set to dry your dishes. Some models have an option to skip heat drying, which would leave your dishes wet after cleaning.

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