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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Stump Grinder?

Typical Range: $90 - $440

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Stump Grinder Rental Price

The average cost to rent a stump grinder is $270 per day with prices ranging from $90 to $440 per day, depending on where you get it from. Local home improvement stores often have different rates when renting for a few hours, a day or a week.

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Average Stump Grinder Rental Cost Per Day

Average Cost $270
High Cost $440
Low Cost $90

Stump Grinder Rental Rates

Depending on how long you need it, renting a stump grinder can cost anywhere from $80 for four hours to $1,320 for four weeks. Even if you just need a stump grinder for one tree stump, it’s typically recommended that you rent it for the whole day in case you run into any issues.

For larger projects or multiple stumps, it’s best to rent a grinder for a longer period of time. It will almost always cost less to rent a stump grinder for longer than you actually need it than to rent one, run out of time and then have to rent it again.

Mini Stump Grinder Rental Price

Mini or compact stump grinders typically range from $60 to $90 per day, or up to $1,020 for four weeks. They cost less than traditional grinders and weight a lot less. You might not have to rent a trailer to move it. However, this machine only works for small stumps. Talk to a stump removal company near you to see what they recommend.

Cost of Stump Grinder Machine

Buying a stump grinder costs between $1,450 to $19,830 or more, with most models available for less than $3,000. Grinders for construction or large commercial purposes could cost well over $100,000.

Stump Grinder Make & Model Cost
Power King 11 in. 14 HP Gas Powered $1,450
DR Premier Stump Grinder $1,500
PowerTek 20-HP Self-Propelled Electric Start $8,650
Barreto Stump Grinder E30SGB $19,830
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DIY Stump Grinding vs. Hire a Pro

Hiring a professional for tree stump removal costs $320 on average. You could very well pay the same amount to grind a stump yourself as you could hiring a pro. It’s worth talking to a tree removal company near you for an estimate.

If you decide to DIY, keep a few risks in mind:

  • Safety: If you don’t have the right safety equipment, you could put yourself at great risk of personal injury.
  • Size: Rental stump grinders often can only handle rotten stumps or very small ones. If your stump is more than 12 inches in diameter, a rental won’t get the job done.
  • Cost: Renting large stump grinders with trailers attached could cost more than hiring a pro.
  • Labor: DIY stump grinding is very labor intensive and takes a long time to complete.
  • Mess: You could end up with more of a mess than you expected, due to wood shards and dirt clods.


How do stump grinders work?

A stump grinder has wheels and a handle for pushing and pulling, as well as brakes. You can set it to an appropriate height to make it easier to use. Underneath the machine are blades powered by an engine.

Each blade in a stump grinder has a number that indicates the cutting capacity, so you don’t attempt to use a blade that’s too weak. The blade cuts down the wood until you can’t see the stump above ground anymore. It also turns the former stump into sawdust or small pieces that you can use as mulch material for your landscaping projects.

How much does Home Depot stump grinder rental cost?

Home Depot stump grinder rental ranges from $60 to $1,320, depending on how long you need to rent it and whether you get a compact or regular-sized grinder:

  • $60-$80 for four hours
  • $85-$110 per day
  • $340-$440 per week
  • $1,020-$1,320 per four weeks

How much does Lowe’s stump grinder rental cost?

You might not be able to rent a stump grinder from Lowe’s. Check with your local home improvement store to see if that’s an option and to get prices.

Where can you rent a stump grinder?

You can rent a stump grinder from a home improvement store, or perhaps even a local arborist or tree service. Find a tree service or arborist near you to see if it’s a service they offer.

How much does a DR stump grinder cost?

DR stump grinders generally cost between $1,500 and $2,800. Expect to pay on the higher end of the price spectrum for a self-propelled and/or electric start grinder.

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