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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Stump Grinder?

Typical Range: $100 - $400

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  1. Stump Grinder Rental Costs
  2. What Are Tree Stump Grinders Used For?
  3. Stump Grinder Specifications and Types
  4. Professional Stump Grinding Services Costs

Stump Grinder Rental Costs

The average cost to rental a stump grinder averages from $100 to $400, depending on where you get it from. The prices for some local home improvement stores include:

  • Home Depot: charges per hour or per day, with around $100 minimum.
  • Lowe's: charges around $100 minimum.
  • Sunbelt Rentals: ranges from $190 to $400 on average, depending on the type of grinder you rent.

Keep a few risks in mind though:

  • Rental stump grinders are often designed to handle rotten stumps or very small ones. If your stump is more than 12 inches in diameter, a rental won’t get the job done.
  • They don’t grind very far below grade.
  • It could cost you more than you expect. Renting large stump grinders with trailers attached could cost more than hiring a pro.
  • If you don’t have the right safety equipment, you could put yourself at great risk of personal injury.
  • DIY stump grinding is very labor intensive and takes a long time to complete.
  • You could end up with more of a mess than you expected, due to  wood shards and dirt clods.

If you have the right gear, a small stump and time on your side, then you can consider proceeding with this project on your own. Be aware though, you might not end up with what you wanted and have to hire a professional to finish out the job. Weigh the benefits against the potential risks and take the time to get a few quotes from contractors just in case.

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What Are Tree Stump Grinders Used For?

Stump grinders are used to reduce tree stumps to an acceptable height, so they don’t prevent a lawn mower from operating across a lawn or inhibit the overall appearance of a landscape. Grinding a tree stump is the affordable alternative to having a stump completely uprooted from your lawn. It’s more convenient and affordable overall for the homeowner.

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How Stump Grinders Work

The machine is mounted on wheels with a handle for pushing and pulling. You can set it to an appropriate height to make it easier to use. The grinder also has brakes for easy side-to-side controls and to avoid personal injury.

Underneath the machine are blades powered by an engine. Each blade in a stump grinder has a number that indicates the cutting capacity, so you don’t attempt to use a blade that’s too weak. The blade cuts down the wood until you can’t see the stump above ground anymore. It also turns the former stump into sawdust or small pieces that you can use as mulch material for your landscaping projects.

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Stump Grinder Specifications and Types

When determining the best way to grind down your stump, note there are two methods:

  • Standard: this method involves removing four to 10 inches of the stump below grade so that you can place topsoil or seed over it.
  • Advanced: this method involves removing 20 inches of the stump below grade so you can plant a new tree in its place.

Also pay attention to the specifications of the stump grinder. If you don’t know what these specifications mean or how they could apply to your situation, you should probably stick with hiring a professional stump grinder. Cutting capacity is the number one specification to keep in mind, as having the wrong one could potentially break the blade if it’s too weak to cut the stump. Stump grinder specifications include:

  • Cutter wheel
  • Cutting capacity above ground
  • Cutting capacity below ground
  • Height
  • Length
  • Power source
  • Weight
  • Width
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Professional Stump Grinding Costs

To save yourself some time and trouble, you can also hire a professional stump grinding service. It’s important to ask how the contractors will charge. Sometimes it’s by time -- whether that’s hours days or weeks -- and other times it might be dependent on other factors. Knowing how the charges are calculated ahead of time will inform which professional to hire and how much you’ll pay. Usually if you have one stump, it’s best to hire by time. If you have more than one stump, you might want to hire based on another factor if it’s a better deal. Some ways professional stump grinding services charge include:

  • By stump diameter: The average price is around $3 per inch with a minimum of $100. If you have five stumps with diameters of 10 inches each, you’ll have 50 inches total to grind. Thus your total bill will be $150.
  • By the hour: This option is usually offered for large acreages with many stumps. It requires heavy-duty stump grinders and costs a minimum of $150. This service isn’t for suburban residences with a few stumps.
  • By stump: This is how most small stump grinding services charge. The contractors will need to know how many stumps you need ground and charge about $100 to $200 for the first stump, with an extra $50 to $100 for every additional stump.
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