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Updated April 21, 2022

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Weeds refer to any number of unwanted plants that grow unchecked on your lawn, ruining the curb appeal and your home’s value in the process. Maintaining a dense lawn of turfgrass provides a fantastic defense against weeds, but getting to that point requires some serious unwanted plant removal. 

Hiring a local weed control specialist to remove weeds on your property costs an average of $100 per treatment, and the price fluctuates according to a number of factors. On the low end, you’ll pay $30 per treatment, and on the high end, you’ll pay as much as $200 per treatment.

Estimating Weed Control Service Costs 

Estimating weed control treatment costs depends on a number of factors, including the overall size of your lawn, selectivity options, and the methods used for removal.

Lawn or Property Size

The overall size of your lawn is the primary cost factor when shopping around for weed control service estimates. You’ll pay $30 to $165 per treatment for a lawn of 10,900 square feet or below, which amounts to one-quarter acre. These estimates shoot up to $200 and above for larger lawns above 10,900 square feet. If you have a small lawn of just 1,000 square feet or so, you’ll pay on the lower end ($30 to $60), though job complexity also plays a role.

Weed Removal Method

There are as many ways to remove weeds as there are unwanted plants, and each removal method impacts the overall cost. 

  • Weed and feed: A standard “weed and feed” treatment involves a standard fertilization treatment mixed with a herbicide. The herbicide removes unwanted weeds as the fertilizer helps desired turfgrass and related plants. You’ll pay $30–$80 per application for this service. 

  • Postemergence weed control: As the name implies, postemergence weed controls handle unwanted plants after sprouting. You’ll pay $65–$100 per application for this service. Pros use specialized herbicides for this task, so avoid mowing the lawn for three days after treatment. The chemicals also work best during dry periods. 

  • Preemergence weed control: Looking to eliminate weeds before they grow and muck up your lawn? That’s where preemergence weed control comes into play. This service costs $70–$110 per treatment and catches unwanted plants before they germinate and sprout. Pros apply the appropriate herbicides twice yearly, in early spring to control summer weeds and in early fall to catch weeds that thrive during the cool season. 

  • Weed pulling: Good old-fashioned weed pulling charges by the hour, and not per treatment. You’ll pay $30–$60 per hour for weed pulling. This method is highly effective for certain types of plants with deep taproots. 

4 common weed removal methods, with postemergence control ranging $65 to $100 per treatment

Selectivity Options 

You’ll pay your pro extra for added selectivity, meaning they won’t just blanket spray your lawn for all weeds. They’ll use a selective herbicide that targets certain unwanted plants. Selective weeding is more expensive than non-selective weeding, at $40 to $140 per treatment. Some treatments include a mix of both selective and non-selective herbicides, depending on your overall landscaping design. 


As previously mentioned, manual weed pulling costs $30 to $60 per hour. Otherwise, most pros charge by the treatment, but weed control specialists generally charge $30 to $50 per hour, with the remainder of the estimate going to chemical costs, equipment, and related materials. 

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Additional Cost Factors

Certain additional factors impact the overall cost of weed removal, as this job often pairs with related procedures, and homeowners receive discounts for buying into subscription plans. 


Many weed removal companies offer subscription plans that save on the overall cost of repeated treatment. Your savings vary depending on the company and package selection but expect a yearly savings of 10% to 15%. These annual subscriptions typically include a warranty, should weeds emerge at any point during the year. Each plan is different and additional costs may accrue for types of plants not covered under your current plan.

Pet-Friendly and Eco-Friendly Options

Organic, eco-friendly, and pet-friendly weed removal options increase your overall cost estimate. Organic and eco-friendly chemical blends cost $40 to $165 per treatment, assuming an average-sized lawn, with standard chemical herbicides costing $30 to $120 per treatment. As for pet-friendly treatments, corn gluten meal is a popular option for animal lovers and costs $50 to $165 per treatment. If concerned for animals on your property, talk to your pro and tell them not to use any chemical containing glyphosate. 

Weed Abatement 

Certain states and counties require lawns to adhere to pre-determined standards regarding grass height and weeds. If your property violates these regulations, you’ll pay for a service called weed abatement. This court-ordered procedure focuses primarily on areas of the lawn that fire hazards or present other safety concerns, with weed heights typically above four inches. Weed abatement costs $70 to $120 per treatment

Lawn Maintenance 

Many pros fertilize your lawn as part of their overall service package, but other maintenance jobs impact your overall cost. 

  • Weed mats: These mats block sunlight to the weeds while allowing desired plants moisture. Available in 3, 6, and 12-foot widths, you’ll pay $15–$400 per mat depending on the manufacturing material (plastic or fabric.)

  • Mowing and maintenance: Hiring a local lawn maintenance expert to mow and maintain your lawn is often recommended after weeding. A professional lawn mowing service costs $50–$200, depending on the size of your lawn and additional maintenance needs. 

  • Lawn aeration: Best performed during the preemergence phase, lawn aeration prevents the dispersal of weed seeds throughout your property. Professional aeration is expensive and you’ll pay $200–$800 per treatment

  • Mulching: Mulch provides a physical barrier preventing weeds from breaking dormancy and sprouting. Consider mulch an organic version of a weed mat, as the prime ingredients are pine needles, grass clippings, pecan shells, or other natural compounds. You’ll pay $150–$400 for a proper mulch treatment. 

Remove Weeds Yourself vs. Hire a Professional

Many standard herbicides are available for purchase at hardware stores, specialty shops, and online marketplaces. However, these chemicals are dangerous if used incorrectly, so amateurs should bone up on relevant reading materials before attempting a DIY treatment. Always wear protective gloves and eyewear and work slowly. Additionally, selective weeding requires years of experience and plenty of knowledge regarding lawn-based flora. Weed pulling, on the other hand, is a great first step for budding DIYers. 

Weed Control Service FAQs

How do you choose a weed removal service company? 

First of all, make sure any potential weed removal service has the license to do the job. Weed-killing chemicals are dangerous and most states and counties require licenses for professional weed control. Check for the appropriate license on the company’s web page, their social media pages, or call and ask them directly. Otherwise, read customer reviews online and look for potential red flags at the Better Business Bureau’s company database. Finally, give them a call and ask about their treatment rate, experience level, and client testimonials.

What information should I have ready for the pro? 

Have your yard size in total square footage readily available and be sure to tell your pro about any accessibility issues, such as rocks, hills, and steep slopes. If you know the type or species of undesired plants invading your property, relay that information as it impacts the chemicals used. 

You should also ask if they provide the clippings upon request. Many homeowners repurpose these clippings as mulch for various landscaping projects. If asked, give them a general outline of your daily routine for scheduling purposes, and let them know any preferences regarding eco-friendly and pet-friendly weed killers.

Finally, ask them for a repair estimate and a weed removal time frame. 

What other jobs should I do at the same time? 

Go for any and all lawn maintenance jobs before and after hiring a weed removal specialist. This list includes lawn mowing, general yard work, and pest control. This is also a good time to complete any long-standing landscaping projects, such as finishing up an outdoor herb garden or laying down decorative stones throughout the yard. Basically, outdoor work of any kind is a great match here. 

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