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In the Fall there is nothing more beautiful than the changing colors of the fall leaves from green to red and gold, However, once the leaves fall to the ground they can become an eyesore and eventually a rotting mess if they are not taken care of! There are a few factors that will help to determine the cost of leaf removal.

How many trees? What kind of trees?

It stands to reason that the more trees you have on our property, the more dead leaves will build up and the more you will need removed. When you contact a professional about leaf removal , be prepared to tell them approximately how many trees you have on your property and what types of trees they are (different trees produce different amount of leaves) so that they can give you an accurate estimate of time and cost

Blowing or Removing?

Do you want your leaves blown off your lawn, or actually bagged, removed from your property and properly disposed of? If you want your leaves bagged and removed this will take a considerably larger amount of time, and a lot more backbreaking labor to accomplish. This will cost you a lot more. If you choose to just have your leaves blown off your lawn, be careful that you are not just blowing them onto someone else's lawn!

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Vacuuming and Mulching

You may want to have your leaves vacuumed off your property. With this approach you have two options. You can have the leaves vacuumed, bagged and removed. This takes more time and work, but removes the leaves completely. However you can decide to use your leaves as mulch in your garden. When the leaves have gone through the vacuum and been chopped up into dust, have the poured onto your garden and water them to start the decomposition and they will make a great mulch. In this way you do something nice for your garden and save money to mulch in the process!


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Linda Panniello More than 1 year ago
Need leaves vacuumed up
Barb Bolden More than 1 year ago

I need weed/grass removal from flower beds...not leaf removal.

Also, small plants dug and moved.

Bark dusting necessary as well. 

Melody Selby More than 1 year ago
Barb where are you located?
Ginny Taylor More than 1 year ago
Arizona does not have the type of leaves this talks about
Bob & Kim Hesse More than 1 year ago
We just need 2 15ft x 15ft pre blown piles of leaves taken out of our backyard with a week or so!!!
roxanne babian More than 1 year ago
I need trash removed, not trees or leaves
john murphy More than 1 year ago
helpful,but I have a pile of leaves that i want vacuumed up with a leaf truck not bagged
mark wilson More than 1 year ago
Very helpful !!!
Jack Tauber More than 1 year ago
Unfortunately when using my zip code for Oakland, NJ, New York averages were posted????
HASupport More than 1 year ago
Hi Jack, It might be a fluke in our system. Please try again and if the problem persists you can email us at emailus@homeadvisor,com. -HASupport
John Newman More than 1 year ago
good info
Linda Langner More than 1 year ago
I need leaves picked up in parts of yard and hauled away. Also clean garden areas of perennials. cut them to base and clean leaves off of mulch. Average time for  one person is about 2-3 hours

Chaske Owen More than 1 year ago
Need leafs vacuumed up and lawn thatched and mowed 
johnny craig More than 1 year ago
Craig's lawn service (Lawn mowing, and leaf removal) Olive branch MS 38654 901-634-1324
Carlo Chambers More than 1 year ago
Bought a house and the overgrowth is crazy, just need initial cutting and trimming to get the property looking good. 
kay blakeman More than 1 year ago
I did not find anything covering what I needed.  Landscaping so that the water stayed in out lot because our lot is higher than the neighbors.
Kevin Fullerton More than 1 year ago
Wanting to get quote for yard thatching and aerating not leave removal. 
CAROLYN HAYES More than 1 year ago
Roman Wallace More than 1 year ago
We do not need leaves removed,shrubs trimmed  and bi-weekly mowing.
Shirley Lloyd More than 1 year ago
I need to have bushes that I've already cut down myself hauled away and few plants dug up also. I was given a completely diff quote for things I did not request.
Jeanne Robinson More than 1 year ago
I need weeds cut and removed from approx one-half acre.  Perhaps organic weed killer used.
Monica Nichols More than 1 year ago
Hello. Need front yard leaves removed and grass cut. Only have $200.00 cash. Is this possible?
beverly arnold More than 1 year ago
Have 4 lawn projects we need done. Soon please. Reliability a must. Last individual didn't end up doing any work
Shirley Haig More than 1 year ago
I need leaves from back yard moved to curb by next Friday. Have them in a pile in back.  Also would be interested in lawn car next year and snow removal this winter
Linda Skoog More than 1 year ago
On line estimate too high.  

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