How Much Does Concrete Cost Per Cubic Yard?

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$2,096 - $8,822

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Updated May 23, 2022

Reviewed by Robert Tschudi, Expert Home Building and Remodeling Contributor.

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Concrete costs $125 per yard on average, with most people spending between $100 and $200 per yard. You’ll pay less for a full 10-yard load versus a short load, since overhead remains constant. Pricing factors include the type of concrete, additives, and the type of cement used.

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National Average $5,459
Typical Range $2,096 - $8,822
Low End - High End $500 - $17,700

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by 412 HomeAdvisor members.

Concrete Costs by Amount

Concrete is typically sold by cubic foot or cubic yard, or by the ton for larger commercial projects. The more you buy, the more you’ll save on the cost per unit.

Concrete costs compared by cubic yard, with 12 cubic yards ranging from $1,200 to $1,500

Per Cubic Yard

Concrete costs $100 to $200 per cubic yard, or around $125 on average. The total cost of concrete may vary depending on location, type of concrete, and how much you order.

Cubic YardsPrice Range
1*$140 - $200
2$280 - $400
3$420 - $600
4$560 - $800
5$700 - $1,000
10$1,000 - $1,300
12$1,200 - $1,560
20$2,000 - $2,600
25$2,500 - $3,250

*1 yard= 27 cubic feet

Per Cubic Foot

Expect to pay $9 to $10 per cubic foot of concrete. Many homeowners purchase bags of pre-mixed cement, sand and gravel for small jobs. You will also need a large wheelbarrow and a shovel for mixing. Additionally, you’ll need to have access to water, as well as the forms and tools you need to install and finish the concrete.

Bag Size (pounds) Cubic Feet Average Cost
40 0.3 $4–$8
50 0.375 $5–$10
60 0.45 $7–$16
80 0.6 $5–$30
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Per Ton

Concrete goes for an average of $60 to $75 per ton. Bulk concrete is typically sold by the ton for larger commercial settings. Prices vary based on the pounds per square inch (PSI) strength needed for the job.   

*1 cubic yard = 2.03 tons

How Much Concrete Do You Need?

To figure out how much concrete you need, first multiply the length x width x height of the slab. Then, divide this number by 27 to find cubic yardage. An online concrete calculator can help determine how much concrete you will need for your project. 

Concrete Delivery Costs

Choosing the right type of concrete delivery is vital whether you're a homeowner or a contractor. The amount of concrete ordered and the distance the truck needs to travel both affect your final cost. Most residential jobs use ready-mix and short load, while larger settings order by the truckload.


A truckload of concrete costs $800 to $1,300 for 8 to 10 cubic yards. You’ll often pay a surcharge of $25 per cubic yard for fuel when you don’t order a full truck.

Short or Mini Load

Short load prices range from $140 to $200 per cubic yard. Anything under 10 cubic yards is a short load, increasing the price an additional $40 to $60 per cubic yard. This helps defray the cost of running the truck when it’s less than full. Sometimes, a company will charge a flat short load fee of $60 to $110.

On-Site Mixing Truck

A new type of truck on some sites is the on-site mixing truck, also called on-demand concrete, which costs $500 to $800 per day. They work by keeping all the ingredients in separate compartments in the truck. They mix the concrete on demand and stop only when they’ve mixed enough to complete the job. There’s no waste, and the mix is always fresh.

Concrete Pricing

Without delivery or installation, concrete alone runs anywhere from $3 to $15 per cubic foot. You’ll spend less per cubic foot if you purchase in bulk versus buying bags. In bulk, you’ll purchase in cubic yards, not feet. Look for 40-, 50-, 60- or 80-pound bags, which have between 1/3 to 3/5 of a cubic foot of concrete.

Ready-Mix Concrete Prices

Ready-mix concrete costs $100 to $200 per cubic yard. There may be additional surcharges for short loads, local regulations or long trips. Ready-mix concrete is already mixed at the plant and delivered in a truck or pull-behind.

Premixed Concrete Price Per Bag

TypePrices Per Bag
50-lb High Strength Concrete Mix$3 - $4
50-lb Fast Setting Concrete Mix$5 - $6
80-lb High Strength Concrete Mix$5 - $6
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Concrete Cost Factors

PSI Rating

Concrete comes in differing strengths, rated in pounds per square inch (PSI). PSI ranges from 2,500 to 5,000 PSI and costs anywhere from $100 to $150 per cubic yard for standard delivery and materials. A few things to note:

  • Stronger (higher PSI) concrete slabs cost more than lower-PSI concrete.

  • Non-load bearing structures (concrete patios, concrete driveways, and sidewalks, etc.) require 2,500 to 3,000 PSI.

  • Load-bearing structures (foundations, structural piers, basements) require 3,000 to 5,000 PSI.

  • The smaller the aggregate, the smoother the finish, the higher the price.

Delivery Distance

Some concrete delivery companies charge an additional $10 per load for every mile past a certain radius set by the delivery company. This helps offset the extra fuel costs for traveling further distances.

Tool Rental

Floats and other large concrete tools typically cost $15 to $100 or more per day for each tool, depending on where you rent them. You can find equipment rentals at most home improvement stores. Larger machinery costs far more, and renting a truck usually isn’t an option.

Here are average prices for the equipment you’ll need to rent:

  • Bull Float:  $15–$20 per day

  • Concrete saw: $75–$90 per day

  • Concrete vibrator: $45 per day

  • Core drill: $110 per day

  • Grinder: $20–$35 per day 

Pull-Behind or Cement Mixer Rental

Renting a concrete mixer costs roughly $50 per day on average or $200 per week for a portable cement mixer you can fit in a pickup bed.

Pull-behind rentals go for about $75 per half-day, $100 per day, or $400 per week. A cement mixer usually comes on a trailer and needs a truck to haul it to the worksite.

Average Concrete Prices Near You

LocationConcrete Costs
Miami, FL$5,500–$11,000
Houston, TX$1,550–$10,850
Sacramento, CA$2,200–$8,000
Detroit, MI$3,025–$7,780
Denver, CO$840–$3,590
New York, NY$870–$10,000

DIY vs. Hire a Concrete Delivery Pro

You’ll almost always want to hire a local concrete delivery professional for most concrete jobs. Concrete requires exact measurements to achieve the correct consistency, plus testing beforehand, and proper transportation. This all adds up to a smooth, professional-looking pour versus a cracked pad that you might need to replace soon. Plus, on large jobs, it’s impossible to mix concrete by hand fast enough to get it poured before it starts setting.


How much does one yard of concrete cover?

One cubic yard of concrete covers:

Concrete Size Thickness
81 sq. ft. 4 inches thick
65 sq. ft. 5 inches thick
54 sq. ft. 6 inches thick

How do concrete delivery trucks work?

Delivery trucks mix the concrete at a plant before driving to your location at the designated time. If the contractor will be pouring two slabs, they’ll sometimes make split deliveries. Ready-mix has about 90 minutes to 2 hours to get to the site and poured. Otherwise, it may start to set and you’ll have to discard it.

What is the shelf life of concrete?

Concrete in wet form has a shelf life of about 90 minutes to two hours, so it’s important to schedule your deliveries accurately. From the time water gets added, a truck has 90 minutes to deliver it or 300 rotations of the barrel, whichever comes first, before the product starts to set depending on the temperature. The cooler the temperature, the longer the concrete will last.

Here is the estimated shelf life based on temperature (Fahrenheit):

Temperature Time
Below 60 degrees 2+ hours
60–80 degrees 2–5 hours
80–90 degrees 5 hours
90 degrees 1.5 hours

How much concrete can a concrete truck hold?

Most concrete trucks can hold between 11 and 15 cubic yards of concrete. Weight limits on roads often limit the amount they can carry to 8 to 11 cubic yards.

How do I pick a concrete contractor?

Choosing a good concrete contractor is a lot like choosing the right general contractor. First, confirm that your job site falls within their service area and that they will be able to deliver what you need. Next, verify qualifications by asking how many years of experience they have and whether they’ve done work that’s similar to your project.

As always, it’s extremely important to check that your contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured. They should happily provide their credentials upon request. If they avoid it, then it’s best to cross them off your list.

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