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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Or Resurface A Patio Or Walkway?

Typical Range: $670 - $2,119

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Patio Repair Costs

It will typically cost between $670 and $2,119 with an average of $1,394 to repair a patio, residential walkway or sidewalk. Simple repairs can cost as little as $1 per square foot. Concrete will typically cost about $8.50 per square foot. Replacing brick runs about $10 per square foot. Sometimes, Home Owner Associations (HOA's) or insurance will cover the costs, depending on the cause of the damage.

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National Average $1,394
Typical Range $670 - $2,119
Low End - High End $290 - $4,400

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the average cost to repair a patio or pathway is $1,400 or $290 to $4,000.

If your patio or residential sidewalk is starting to crack or show signs of wear and tear, it's smart to make the repairs before it becomes a bigger problem. There are a range of issues that can affect your patio - including cracks, sunken slabs and pavers, weather damage and chipped concrete or pavers. Trying to figure out how much repair will be necessary can be tough to predict. The first step is to talk to a reputable professional who can help you decide what the best course of action for your space.

Concrete Patio Repair Costs

Fixing cracks, holes, pitting and performing proactive resurfacing and sealing avoids complete patio replacement costs of about $3,500. Filling cracks and holes are simple projects that only costs between $5 to $100. You can DIY the fix or hire a professional for as little as $300. Large repairs, where cement has sunk, cracked, or needs replacement, will cost about $5 to $20 per square foot, depending on the material type and the extent of the damage.

Concrete, regularly referred to as cement, is an affordable and durable material. Once concrete does crack, it can be simple to fix either by a professional or yourself. Sealing and cleaning can fix small pitting and hairline cracks while epoxy fillers will help with larger cracks. Patch kits can repair holes while a complete concrete top coat will refresh the look and longevity of your patio. If your concrete patio is still in excellent condition, apart from a few cracks, you can also install interlocking tiles on top. This will give you a fresh patio without demolition.

Stamped Concrete Repairs

Stamped concrete costs about $4,500 for a complete installation. Due to the craftmanship of stamped concrete, you'll probably want to hire a concrete contractor who specializes in stamped, stained, and polished concrete for any repairs. Actual repair costs will vary greatly due to your location and type of stamp and stain. Contact a professional for specific pricing.

Refurbishing or Resurfacing Concrete Patio Costs

Expect to pay $3 to $10 per square foot to resurface concrete slabs, patios, driveways and walkways. Costs depend on the condition of the existing concrete and the resurfacing type you want.

Resurfacing involves cleaning and repairing any existing damage then applying a small layer of concrete or concrete mixed with resin to the surface. This will increase patio pricing but can help extend your repaired patio's lifespan and protect from future cracks. This usually requires power washing and filling of all holes and applying a surface polymer for protection. Color, stamp or texture this new layer for an updated look.

Hire a Pro to Resurface Your Concrete Patio

Broken Paver Patio & Walkway Repairs Costs

Pavers are usually much cheaper to install and repair. A whole paver patio only runs an average of $1,500 nationally, about half the cost of concrete.

Brick set in mortar requires a stonemason for professional grade repairs. They charge about $75 an hour, though it varies depending on location.

For brick and concrete paver patios without artistic features, a homeowner can save money by doing the repairs. A DIY fix will only cost the price of the materials, or about $0.50 per paver.

Brick Repairs

Brick repairs cost about $1,200 nationally though small repairs will generally come in as low as $300. Once cracked or broken, replacement is the only solution. For brick and sand, a homeowner can generally replace bricks for the cost of the brick or about $0.35 to $0.75 each.

Flagstone & Natural Stone

Flagstone patios, sidewalks and walkways cost about $15 to $20 per square foot for installation. Flagstone repair requires removing and replacing the broken stones which means replacing mortar.

This project generally requires a professional. Consult with a pro for labor costs which can vary depending on the stone type and extend of damage. Just buying stone yourself will run between $2 to $3 per square foot.

Price Factors

Average Patio Repair Prices by Material

Gravel Base
  • $15 - $100 per ton
  • $10 - $90 per cubic yard
  • $3 - $9 per 50 lbs bag
Sand Paver Base
  • $50 - $60 per cubic yard
  • $50 - $300

Additional materials you'll need are typically minimal and included in your contractor's quote - they'll take care of all equipment and materials. Gravel and sand base can be purchased in bulk by the ton or in smaller bagged quantities. Equipment costs for things like shovels, trowels, floats, brooms, etc., will vary greatly depending on the type of repairs needed. Budget around $200 if doing it yourself. Large professional jobs will require additional equipment like cement mixing trucks, skid loaders, backhoes, etc.

Tile vs. Slab

A tiled patio looks great and wears even better. Adding tile to your concrete slab not only improves its look, but also adds a layer of durability. When tile chips or cracks, repairing it costs anywhere from $100 to $900 depending on the extent of the damage. On average, tile repair will run about $250. Just regrouting tile will run between $7 and $18 per square foot.

Concrete slab repairs alone costs anywhere from $50 for small cracks up to about $500-$800 on average for mudjacking. Most repairs run about $9 per square foot. If you want the durability and ease of care that comes with concrete with the look of tile, consider having stamped concrete installed at a cost of about $1,000.

Repair or Replace based on Extent of Damage

Hairline cracks don't need immediate repairs, though homeowners should consider sealing to increased durability and lifespan. Once cracks widen, they can lead to large splits that go beyond a quick fix.

  • Small Cracks. A common-sense approach dictates that if your patio just has a few small cracks that need patching, pricing will be on the lower end of the spectrum - anywhere from $5 to $500. Patching small portions will keep the average costs low. Fix cracks yourself with self-leveling crack sealer for only about $5 to $10 a tube.
  • Holes. Once cracks turn into holes, DIY filler will run you about $10 to $150 a kit.
  • Full/Partial Replacement . If your patio has settled and is uneven, causing water runoff or big cracks, you may need partial or full replacement. If you need to tear out your existing patio in its entirety to replace, pricing will be the highest at about $2,500 with an average range of $1,500 to $3,500.

Patio Removal

Sometimes the damage is so extensive that it needs a full replacement. It will cost between $500 to $1,500 to have a concrete patio removed. You always have the DIY option of renting a jackhammer for around $50 a day. Dumpster rental costs about $400 on average.

Patio Roof or Enclosure Repairs

Patio roofs and enclosures usually cost more than the patio itself, ringing in around $15,000 on average. Patio enclosure costs are usually about 4 or 5 times the patio base. Repairs are going to depend heavily on the type of enclosure, siding, and roofing materials. Generally, roof repairs cost about $800 nationally. Siding costs run an average of $600.

Landscaping & Additional Costs

For minor repairs, don't expect to pay much in additional landscaping costs. But for large projects that include expansions or replacement, extensive damage to your current landscaping is possible. Full landscaping runs anywhere from $300 to $10,000. You can expect to pay on the very low end of that range for small repairs.

When replacing pavers or concrete, you'll need to haul away and dispose of the old materials for about $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot. Or you can rent a dumpster for about $400.

Consult with a Patio and Walkway Repair Professional

Average Costs to Repair a Patio

Filling in Cracks$5 - $150 per project
Replacing Uneven, Sunken Concrete$5 - $15 per square foot
Cost of leveling with Mudjacking or Slabjacking$2 - $5 per square foot
Lifting or Raising Brick & Stone Pavers$0.50 - $3 per brick/paver
New Paver Installation Cost$8 - $25 per square foot
Concrete Grinding & Polishing$2 - $15 per square foot
Fixing Holes$10 - $150 per kit
Cleaning Concrete$3 - $15 per square foot
Sealing With Epoxy$2.50 - $5+ per square foot

Sidewalk Repair Costs

In some municipalities, the city handles sidewalk repairs - in others, repairs fall on you. If you are, you'll pay about the same as a concrete private walkway - about $5 to $15 per square foot. Sometimes you will find the term "sidewalk" used interchangeably with residential walkways. Most municipalities define sidewalks as a part of the road open to foot traffic and fall within a certain distance from the road. Sidewalks almost always fall under specific code regulations defined by your local municipal government. Costs are often similar, but this depends largely on your local sidewalk regulations. Contact your local code regulation, streets or building department for specifics.

DIY vs. Hiring Patio Repair Companies

Have extensive concrete issues like sunken slabs and broken sections repaired by a professional. Small jobs like crack repair and sealing can be DIY projects. Crack repair only requires some sealant for about $5 per tube. Fill larger pits and cracks with a concrete patch or a cement repair kit for $15 to $150.

Paver fixes can be handled by experiences DIYers. You'll simply need some sand, a trowel and a level. For extensive damage or extremely decorative patios, you'll need specialized cutting tools and the time and equipment investment may be prohibitive. In that case, hire a professional landscaper.


Who repairs municipal sidewalks vs. residential sidewalks?

That depends on your municipal regulations. Check with your local street or building department. Or, in some cases, the city, depending civil responsibility.

  • Residential sidewalks are municipal sidewalks in residential areas. Both types fall under public purview. Example: sidewalks that run parallel to a city street or residential boulevard.
  • Residential walkways or paths are private and therefore the homeowner's (or HOA's) fiscal responsibility. Example: the path from your driveway to front porch.

How long do concrete patios and walkways last?

You can expect to get 25 to 50 years out of a patio or walkway. This depends largely on the quality of the concrete, the workmanship and your climate. Colder climates, where thawing and freezing happen throughout the winter, tend to break up concrete much faster. Ice melting chemicals tend to destroy concrete and brick quickly.

How long do paver patios last?

They'll last between 30 to 100 years or more depending on the type. Stone has a higher installation cost but can last for hundreds of years. Brick and concrete wear a bit quicker, but the inherent benefit of pavers is the ability to replace single pavers as needed.

How much does it cost to repair a patio deck?

Patio decks, also called ground-level decks, cost about $1,500 to repair but can run anywhere from $700 to $2,500. Deck repair costs depend on the size, type of material and extent of damage. High-end materials, like composites, cost more but require less maintenance.

What's the price to repair an asphalt pathway?

Asphalt paving costs generally run about $2,000 with an average range of $900 to $3,000. Walkways, pathways and sidewalks are generally going to be on the lower end of the spectrum than a driveway, since it's not bearing the same loads.

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