How Much Does a Flagstone Patio Cost?

Typical Range:

$750 - $8,400

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Updated June 9, 2021

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Cost of Flagstone Patios

The cost to install a flagstone patio averages between $15 and $21 per square foot. Expect to pay anywhere from $750 to $8,400 for a 50- to 400-square-foot patio. The total depends on the location of your project, the amount of flagstone needed and the square footage you’ll need to cover. A typical flagstone patio costs $4,345 on average.

Average Flagstone Patio Cost

Average Cost$4,345
High Cost$8,400
Low Cost$750

Flagstone Patio Cost Per Square Foot

Installing a flagstone patio typically costs $15 to $21 per square foot for labor and materials. The price can climb to $30 per square foot in high cost of living areas, when using quartzite materials and for wet laid installs.

Dry-Laid Flagstone Patio Cost

Dry laid flagstone is the most affordable option at $1,900 to $4,400 on average. The install starts with excavating and leveling the area before laying down sand and gravel as a base. Once that’s done, installers cut and fit the stone blocks to create your ideal patio shape. Then, they put grout between the stones to secure them in place and create a beautiful finish.

Wet-Laid Flagstone Patio Prices

Wet laid flagstone patio prices are much higher at an average of $2,700 to $7,000. The wet install starts with excavation and leveling of the patio area. Then, they cut the flagstones to size and do a test fit. After that, the installer mixes and pours four inches of concrete to create the base. They must work fast to evenly place the stones in the concrete before it sets up. Grout goes in between the flagstones at the end to complete your desired look.

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Cost to Install Flagstone Patio

Installers charge $7 to $15 per square foot for labor alone when completing dry and wet-laid flagstone patio projects. Expect to pay $350 to $6,000 plus materials when installing a 50- to 400-square-foot patio.

Flagstone Patio Cost vs. Stamped Concrete

Flagstone patios are $4,345 on average, while stamped concrete patios cost an average of $4,025. Like flagstone builds, stamped concrete patios are often priced by the square foot. A basic, single color layout is about $10 per square foot, while a complex design is as much as $28 per square foot. The decision between pavers vs. concrete really comes down to looks since the prices are so close to the same.

DIY Flagstone Patio Cost

A 200-square-foot DIY flagstone patio is $855 to $1,385 as long as you have the basic tools on hand.

The total includes:

  • Flagstone: $600-$1,000 for 200 square feet

  • Sand, grout and other supplies: $95-$105

  • Rental equipment: $60-$80 per day

  • Sealer: $100-$200 for one gallon

DIY vs. Hire a Flagstone Patio Pro

DIY cuts out a lot of the costs of building a flagstone patio but that's only if everything goes as expected. Unfortunately, it's quite hard to get the area level and flagstone cut and set just right. Hiring an experienced patio builder near you is the best way to get the perfect look and the biggest return on your investment.

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Why should I build a flagstone patio?

A flagstone patio offers many benefits over materials like concrete, wood and pavers, like:

  • Durability: Natural stone is sturdy, resists weathering and won’t crack and chip over time.

  • Unique look: No two flagstones are the same, so you’ll never find one that matches your own.

  • Increased value: Flagstone patios increase the value of your home and boost curb appeal.

  • Added space: It’s ideal for chilling, grilling and entertaining without the cost of an addition.

What types of flagstone are used for patios?

Flagstone is basically just flat stone used for hardscaping.

There are many types in this category, such as:

  • Bluestone: Flat, fine-grain sandstone in blue-gray to purple hues

  • Limestone: Smooth calcite with small to medium grains in multiple colors

  • Quartzite: Smooth, glossy stone that comes in green, silver, blue and gray

  • Sandstone: Contemporary, earthy stone usually boasting deep red hues

  • Slate: Soft silver, gray or green stone with a weathered look

To find the best one for your patio, you have to look beyond their appearance to the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of the Flagstone Types
BluestoneDense, non-slip and holds up to harsh weatherIts color fades when left unsealed, especially by pools
LimestoneDurable and resistant to weatheringEasily damaged by acid and harsh chemicals
QuartziteResistant to stains, weathering and wear and tearHard to shape during the install and needs lots of maintenance
SandstoneCool surface temp, dense and weather-resistantAbsorbs water and could end up damaged in freezing temps
SlateEasy to mold into complex shapesBreaks apart easily and needs regular sealing

How expensive is flagstone?

Flagstone costs between $3 and $5 per square foot. Expect to pay $295 to $900 for the cost of flagstone by the ton. Each ton covers 80 to 225 square feet, depending on the size of the stone. It’s best to buy extra just in case you need to hire a patio repair pro near you in the future.

Flagstone Prices by the Ton
Lyons Red$150
Emerald Gray$300
Chocolate Gray$315
Sedona Red$350
Carolina Rose$400
Colorado Buff$430
Oklahoma Multi-Blend$500
Blue Mica Quartzite$700
Canyon Gold Quartzite$700
Silver Quartzite$700

How much does it cost to maintain a flagstone patio?

A 200-square-foot patio costs $110 to $240 to clean and reseal as recommended every 18 to 36 months. Sealer is $100 to $200 a gallon, while cleaner is $10 to $40 a quart. Expect to use one full gallon to reseal your 10-foot by 20-foot flagstone patio.

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