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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Mural Or Tromp Loeil?

Typical Range: $791 - $1,709

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A beautiful mural, trompe L'oeil, or faux painting can add a touch of beauty and class to your home. Whether you have a mural painted on a garden wall, or texture the walls of your dining room, faux painting and mural painting can be a wonderful, but often expensive, addition to any home. Here are a few things that will affect the cost of any mural, trompe l'oeil, or faux painting job

Who is the artist?

The single largest factor in the cost of your artistic painting project is the artist. Unlike house painting where the market will keep most painters within a certain price range, mural painters are artists and so their individual experience, portfolio, past projects and fame will affect the price they charge. When you meet with an artist make sure to look through their portfolio online or in person, to see if they have the skills and style you are looking for. More than any other type of painting you will have done to your house, a mural painter's personal style is an essential factor. The most expensive artist may not necessarily be the best artist for YOU!

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$791 - $1,709
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$400 - $2,800

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How large is the space being painted?

As expected, the larger the mural, the higher the price. When you speak to an artist about how much they will charge for their work, make sure they view the space they will be painting in person. If you cannot afford the price they quote, you may want to ask how the price would change if you had them working in a smaller space. Sometimes a small amount of mural painting goes a long way and you can achieve the affect you want with less instead of more.

How accessible is the space

Artistic painting is not like wall painting, you cannot just use a roller and cover the area. For this reason, accessibility becomes a major factor in the price. Painting a ceiling white is quick and simple, painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel took years! Your mural painter may not be Michelangelo, but their skills need room and so make sure they quote you a price knowing exactly what the painting conditions will be


The last thing you want is to spend a fortune on an amazing mural and have it fade in the sunlight, or for an outdoor mural, be affected by the weather. Although any piece of outdoor art will fade over time, you want to preserve it for as long as possible. Make sure to talk to your pro about sealing and preserving your artwork against the elements. This is not a place to cut corners! You will want to use the best sealers available


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Michael McConnon More than 1 year ago
Michael was extremely helpful in determining what would be the best way to utilize the space we had available for the mural we wanted. I would definitely recommend him for any future projects because of his talent, expertise and friendliness. His prices are extremely reasonable as well! Melanie M.

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