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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Carpentry Framing?

Typical Range: $476 - $1,827

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Although repairing the wooden framing of your home is not very common it is necessary from time to time for a variety of reasons. Many factors ill affect the cost of this repair including the source of the damage and the cost of the material for rebuilding. When floors, walls or ceilings start to sag, that is an indication that the floor joists (beams that support floors and roofs), the girders (beams that span joists and offer the main building support) or the sills (which rest on the foundation) may be experiencing rot or water damage problems. If only portions or small sections are in need of repair it is possible to save money by removing the damaged portions and attaching new wood to the existing pieces. This is the most affordable repair option
If the entire joist or beam is rotted or damaged, or if multiple beams have suffered wood rot or extensive water damage, this may require entire beams to be replaced or even jacking up the entire house and replacing all of the joists, girders and sills. This, of course, would be the most expensive type of repair as it would require not only the lifting of the home, but the excavation and eventual repair of the land around the home.

What is the cause of the damage?

If water damage or wood rot is the cause of the sagging frame, then the frame can be repaired, but you will need to find the source of the damage and put an end to it or your problems will persist. If there is a water main or sewer leak that could cause the issue and the line will need repair. If there is an undetected plumbing block or leak that has been slowly seeping into the soil around the home that would need to be found and repaired. If there is a crack in the foundation that is allowing water in, this would need to be filled, repaired and the foundation sealed to guard against other leaks. If the cause of damage is termites or other insect infestations then you will need the services of an exterminator added to the cost of the repair.

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National Average $1,151
Typical Range $476 - $1,827
Low End - High End $150 - $4,500

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Cost of materials

In the current economy the cost of wood has fluctuated drastically. Of course a large portion of the cost of any framing repair or beam replacement is the wood itself. It is a good idea to do some homework and research the best prices for wood before you begin the repair so that you can get a good idea of what the raw materials will cost. Your professional should also be able to help you find this information.

Cost of Labor

Finally, the cost of labor is another major cost factor in the price of your framing repair. Every estimate will be different so it is important to get more than one bid so you can find a repair pro in your price range.


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