Residential Structural Engineers Near You

Structural Engineering Firms In Your Area

Structural engineers are licensed professionals who analyze the forces on a building to make a determination as to whether it can hold up (withstand) those forces. They are an absolute must if your contractor or home inspector detects the early warning signs that there may be a problem with a home's structure or if you have any questions about whether a wall is supporting the weight of the floor above it. Some reasons you may need to call in a structural engineer near you include:

  • Building an addition or altering a room's layout (which may require tearing down walls)
  • Installing solar panels on the roof
  • Buying a home where a home inspector has indicated there may be a structural problem
  • Noticing cracks in foundation walls, bowing walls, uneven floors, cracks around windows, and standing water in your basement
  • Observing termite, fire, wind, or water damage

When it comes time to hire a structural engineer, be sure to get quotes, read reviews, and interview multiple candidates. HomeAdvisor can help with this process. Enter your zip code today to be connected with residential structural engineers in your area who are ready to get started on your project.

"If you are seeking a Structural Engineer you can look no further, Paul is the professional you are searching for!! He responded within hours of receiving my HomeAdvisor inquiry and was able to accommodate my schedule coming to our home within 3 days. We were very concerned about some changes noticed inside and outside our home over the last year and feared a foundation problem. Paul was incredibly thorough and inspected our home inside and out from attic to basement and everywhere in between. Thankfully Paul determined that the issues we noticed were not structural in nature but resulting from a more benign issue. Upon hearing his "diagnosis", words cannot express the relief and incredible weight lifted from our shoulders. Paul is the upmost professional and clearly an expert in his field. If I ever have a need for engineering services again you can bet that the first call I make will be to Paul!"

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Potomac Falls VA

"He was very informative in his explanations of the structural problems."

--4.5 star review from a homeowner in Springfield VA

"Awaiting report and plan for structural stabilization. Firm very prompt, professional, and courteous. Seems to be an internal communication problem in that the principal has called twice inquiring whether to keep our case open, although we understood that the engineer who did the actual inspection would be away for two weeks, and that the report and contract would not be formalized until early June."

--4.83 star review from a homeowner in Washington DC

"The engineer showed up without a ladder. I would have thought that since the work was assessing if a wall was load bearing based on roof structure, that he woud have brought a ladder to get into the attic loft. We just bought the home and moved from a condo so we did not have one, which was a bit frustrating. But the expetise was spot on and he gave a full detailed report that I was able to submit to the city planners when applying for my permit. Very happy with the quality of work. Just bring a ladder next time...."

--4.0 star review from a homeowner in Alexandria VA

"We hired them to perform a structural inspection of a house we are buying and the structural engineer uncovered some issues to a retaining wall that we will need to address down the line. It was pricey but worth it to get someone knowledgeable to review the structural integrity of the house."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Arlington VA