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Termites are one of the worst pests homeowners can have. They are wood-eating insects that burrow into the walls and structures of houses and cause damage to the system of support. It can be difficult to tell if you have a termite problem, but some of the signs include:

  • Crumbling or damaged wood
  • Maze-like patterns in furniture, floor boards, and walls
  • Mounds of drywood that resemble piles of salt or pepper
  • Mud tubes in the foundation

If you think you have an infestation, it's time to call an exterminator. Exterminators (or pest control services) know all of the signs of termites and can identify the central location of the colony. They also know which products are safe and effective.

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"Very professional, conscientious, knowledgeable and extremely hard working. We are so happy we found them. They left us feeling comfortable that our termite problem was solved."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Sparrows Point MD

"No pressure, made recommendations I could do myself to prevent rodent flareups in the future. I will still take the annual contract for termite protection since I am surrounded by woods."

--4.0 star review from a homeowner in New Cumberland PA

"Termites were swarming near my house, and I thought they might be coming from my house although I had an inspection and extermination a few years ago. Senate came and inspected, including my crawl space, and found no evidence of termite infestation."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Capitol Heights MD

"We used Fearsome for our VA loan termite inspection. They did a great job quickly."

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"The company was very responsive and super easy to work with. John showed up on time and was courteous and professional throughout his visit. We hired them to perform a termite inspection on the home we were under contract to buy. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs this service. "

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Ashburn VA

"BugPros, a family owned, father and son business, are knowledgeable, through, and very personable. I feel confortable in the thought that their treatment methods have stopped my termite problem in its tracks."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Ashburn VA

"Used the company for bees rather than termite control. Cannot rate the termite control area."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Springfield VA

"George was able to meet our tight timeline for a termite inspection for a home sale. "

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Washington DC

"Termite inspection and treatment for ants "

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"I fired last exterminator after he failed to locate or close up rodent access points under my house. Exterminex sent Doug, who is the best guy I’ve ever dealt with! He was under the pitch upon arrival looking afor and finding all the access points the mice were using for months and sealed them up. He was courteous, knowledgeable and a total pro. I called company for termite control after finishing with mice- no more in house. Sean is termite expert and just as professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Highly recommend this company for all types of rodent and pest control."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Huntington NY

"The service was great! Provided great service in short period of time. "

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"Very easy to work with......Would recommend them highly"

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"Brett gave understandable answers to my questions and set us up with a solution at a reasonable price, far below and less invasive than other companies. Richard was competent and quick with the initial service and said to call him if we needed anything before the next scheduled check. Both were super nice and didn t pressure us into something we didn t want or need. "

--5.0 star review from Tracy D. in Centreville VA

"good company"

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