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Ants are a common sight outdoors, but when they invade your home, they bring with them a multitude of problems. Species like sugar ants can snack on any food that isn't stored properly. Pharaoh ants can also infest food as well as walls and cabinets. Carpenter ants are notorious for making tunnels and nesting in wood.

It's important to call in a professional ant control service near you if you see signs of an infestation (particularly if you see flying ants coming out of crevices). Simply spraying a group of ants with bug spray is usually not enough to get rid of a colony. Calling in an exterminator nearby has several advantages including that:

  • They can be on-site quickly to stop any damage the ants are causing.
  • They understand local laws and regulations as it relates to pest control.
  • They are familiar with your area so they can make recommendations on how to prevent future infestations (including infestations of other local pests).

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"took care of carpenter ants"

--4.0 star review from a homeowner in Ashburn VA

"The Bugman was great, explained everything and applied doggy safe poison to get rid of my ant problem."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in McLean VA

"Chris provided a consultation on kitchen ants. He spent 45 minutes discussing the problem with me. He provided suggestions of things that I could do myself. He even took some ants with him, looked at them under the microscope to confirm they were odorous house ants, the type normally found in Virginia, and sent me a picture! He looked for places in the house where the ants might be coming in. For the consultation, he charged nothing. He is very knowledgeable."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Alexandria VA

"Easily scheduled an appointment for the next week and when the technician arrived we did a thorough walk through of my entire house to identify issues. Haven’t noticed ants, crickets and mice since STC has been on the case!"

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Bethesda MD

"Haven't seen even one ant since Elliot treated my home. Very pleased. Thanks."

--4.5 star review from a homeowner in Greenbelt MD

"On time and very informative inspection. We had an ant problem not termites. The scheduled treatment was prompt and effective. Tech was very helpful and professional. Very happy with the service."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Haymarket VA

"Very friendly and got right to work. I don't have a large house but they were in and out quicker than expected. I have seen a significant decrease in the ant and spider population around my house. I am sure I will be using them again."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in ASHBURN VA

"We had a slow start, but once we connected the service has been great. We a serious ant problem, they came out inspect then a tech came out and sprayed and baited. We are doing a year plan, so they come every quarter unless we see ants then they will come out sooner. Very professional ."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Leesburg VA

"Very accommodating to my availability. Showed up promptly. No sign of ants!!"

--4.0 star review from a homeowner in Nokesville VA

"Jamie was friendly and helpful. Identified the pests we were having problems with; suggested how to take care of some carpenter ants ourselves. We had him treat the perimeter of the house and a storage shed. Found a 20% discount coupon online that made the service even more reasonable."

--5.0 star review from a homeowner in Springfield VA

"Bud, the owner, is very responsive and knowledgeable."

--5.0 star review from Johannes G. in Frederick MD

"Tech was quite efficient and pleasant.. problem not totally solved but was not guaranteed, agreed to before hire.. problem still exists"

--4.5 star review from Stephen G. in New Market MD

"Just started to use them. So far very happy however very early on to make a definite assessment of them"

--4.5 star review from Lauren L. in Leesburg VA

"Very knowledgeable, very professional, prompt and on-time service. Would recommend highly."

--4.0 star review from Christine E. in Manassas VA

"Very professional....courteous, thorough, on-time and explained the entire process in layman's terms. Addressed not only the carpenter ant issue but laid out a couple of traps for mice that come into the garage each winter. Haven't seen an ant in days and they just sprayed about a week ago!!"

--5.0 star review from Scott W. in Epping NH