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A Quick Guide to Home Improvement Financing

There’s no place like home. But how much better would it be with that addition, or with a new kitchen? Once you have created a vision for your home, you’re going to need some money to get the job done. How do you get from here to there? Well, that depends on your financing options….

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Payment with Credit Card

Home Improvement Projects Are Not Sold Until They’re Financed!

The largest and most successful companies do not rely on the customer to have the cash to fund their home improvement. Nearly all of them offer a financing option. The market is changing and your ability to offer competitive and homeowner friendly financing is imperative to your company’s sustainability and growth. The Electric & Gas…

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Tax Credits from Home Improvement Projects

8 Steps to Good Credit

Step 1: Pay Your Bills on Time Make it your personal goal to pay your credit and other obligations on time and for the required amount each month. Debt obligations will include: Credit card charges Loan payments Rent or mortgage payments Utility bills Service or product bills Taxes Support payments Other Take advantage of automatic…

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Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

How Does HELOC Work? Home equity line of credit (HELOC) works like a credit line. You will receive special “equity” checks that can be used to advance yourself a loan up to your approved available balance. Simply write the loan amount you need. Some lenders will also provide credit card-like access to your HELOC line…

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Checklist: Financing Your Remodeling Project

Just about everyone who owns a home has a few projects in mind that could improve either its appearance or its function. However, financing a remodel is a far more difficult task than identifying an area you’d like to work on. Remodel financing is easy if you have already saved up enough money to fund…

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New Homeowner Renovations

New Homeowner? Here Is What You Need to Know

When Carly Schuffler bought a charming, well-worn home in 2007, she had no idea what she had actually purchased: a money pit that forced her to take on some serious debt. According to Carly, before she could even move in, she needed to rewire the house, replace the furnace and remove a tree from the roof….

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Home Renovation Budget Tips

5 Tips for Sticking To Your Renovation Budget

Every home has a room that could use a makeover. That’s daunting enough, but full-scale renovations can be positively overwhelming. The good news is, if you’re faced with a renovation project there are some easy ways to build on a budget and love the results. When in Doubt, Plan It Out Planning is probably the…

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Three-story home

Using Home Equity for Remodels

You have already paid all of this money in principle, and it stands to reason that you should leverage that in whatever way you can. There are two basic ways to get the most of your home equity when you are considering a remodeling project. The two smartest and most common methods of financing a…

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Empty retro room

Can’t Afford to Remodel? Think Again!

The high sticker price of any major home improvement project can make a homeowner think twice about whether it’s going to fit into the budget. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent financing options available to homeowners to help them make projects possible that would otherwise be out of reach. Why Choose Financing? There are…

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Q&A: Brush Up on the Basics of Home Improvement Loans

Remodeling or renovating your home can mean putting together a pretty hefty to-do list. You need to pick materials and colors, decide on that new fridge or bathtub, and choose a contractor. There’s one other task you should be sure to put on your list—figuring out the best way to pay for your home improvements….

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