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HOA research 2022

Study: Homeowners Think HOAs Aren’t Worth the Stress

Homeowners associations (HOAs) can provide neighborhood amenities and may perform basic exterior maintenance tasks. That said, you’ve probably heard some horror stories about them: unexplained fines, towed cars, or spats between neighbors. To find out what people in the United States really think about HOAs, we surveyed just over 1,000 homeowners. More than half (59%)…

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For rent sign on front fence of house in upscale urban neighborhood. The house is for rent during the depths of the winter season
Middle aged man in army shirt working on laptop at home

At-Home Services that Can Help Senior Veterans

As a senior veteran, you’ve served your country and your loved ones well. Once you enter your golden years, you’ve more than earned the right to enjoy your retirement, prioritizing time spent with your family and friends and on your favorite pursuits. For some senior vets, however, this is easier said than done. Physical disabilities,…

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full dumpster outside of property

Who Pays for a Home Remodel: HOA or Homeowner?

When it comes to remodeling a home in an HOA, there are some popular misconceptions. People often assume that if the work is inside the home, the homeowner pays for it. If it’s on the exterior, the presumption is that the homeowner association (HOA) will cover the costs. But it isn’t that simple. Every HOA…

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HOA Guidelines: Renovation Do’s and Don’ts

Living in a home that’s part of a homeowner association (HOA) has both benefits and drawbacks. One of the drawbacks is that when you want to renovate your home, the HOA determines what you can and cannot do. These rules are spelled out in your HOA’s governing documents, commonly called CC&Rs (covenants, conditions & restrictions)….

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boxes prepared for recycling by a service

Why Hire a Box Recycling & Pick Up Service?

Box recycling and disposal services help homeowners get rid of spare boxes in an environmentally-friendly way. Some areas have no state program in place, requiring homeowners to hire private companies. Contacting a recycling service can eliminate a difficult step for homeowners when it comes to box disposal. On This Page: Types of Boxes That Can…

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wooden backyard furniture setup assembled by a pro

Outdoor Equipment & Furniture Installation – Assembly Service Costs

There are economical assembly services available to homeowners who struggle to DIY assemble furniture. The typical cost varies depending on the time of equipment. A grill only costs $45 on average while a shed might cost $400. While assembling outdoor features is not top-tier professional work, it can help you avoid the pitfalls of DIY,…

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White ball for table tennis or ping pong on wooden table.

How to Assemble a Ping Pong Table

With the development of contemporary furniture and indoor games has come the creation of rival assembly services. People who order ping pong, foosball or other game tables can contact special assembly companies to have them put together properly. Many businesses charge flat rates, between $30 and $60, averaging $43. This price varies depending on the…

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