Area 1 (in ft.)
Tile size (in in.)

Tips on Measuring for Ceramic Tile

Before you begin, measure the length and width of the tiling area – round up to the nearest foot. You will also need to know the size of the tiles you are using for the project. A 10 percent waste allowance for cutting and breakage is automatically included in the total.

If you wish to apply border tiles for accent, enter the total length of the border in lineal feet and the length of each border tile in inches.

Countertops and backsplashes require a wide variety of trim pieces that must be individually selected at the tile store.


  1. Carlos, March 14:

    How I calculate the amount of tile need it if the tile is rectangular 9×36 and I have a total space of the house of 2,000 square feet. ?

  2. Luisa Bodden, October 15:

    I want to calculate a tile 10.5 in x 28 in and my area is 148.5 sq ft

  3. Patricia, January 17:

    My room is 27×12- How many boxes of tiles do I need if I am getting 12×12 tiles

  4. James Activate, February 2:

    How many tiles will I need for a space of 330 sq. feet if the tile measures 6″ × 24″ pieces?

  5. Chris Thornell, March 26:

    I have a wall I’m putting stone told up. The pieces measure 5.9 in by 11.81 square footage is 256 square feet how many tiles will I need

  6. Michael Martinez, May 6:

    i have 6 inch X24 inch tile and a 575 square foot how many tiles would i need

  7. Lee Weisman, May 31:

    How many square feet is 500 pieces of 8″x12″ tile?

  8. Ariel Mason, July 30:

    My living room is 247 ft.² My tile is 12 x 24 seven comes in a box how many boxes do I need

  9. Cindy Ashley, August 12:

    How much tile do I need for a room size 24’x10′

  10. Bruce pyle, August 27:

    I have 3 shower walls 2 measuring 7ft by 34”
    And 1 measuring 7ft by 51” . How many 4” tile will I need to do the job

  11. Cheryl, November 23:

    How many boxes of quantity 10, 6×36 inch adhesive tile, will I need to cover an 800 ft basement area?

  12. Rachel Cockburn, November 30:

    How many 8×8 tiles will be needed for 5 sq mtrs

  13. Lori Fleet, March 18:

    How many 12×24 tiles do i need for a 330sq ft area

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