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Updated October 18, 2016

Built-on sunroom

The high demand for combining comfortable living, increasing natural light, and bringing together indoor and outdoor features of a home, has led to the rise in popularity of sunroom additions. Depending on your budget, there are several directions to go when adding a sunroom. Simple, pre-designed sunrooms are economical and an excellent option for homeowners with a low overhead. These additions do have a reputation for being hot and uncomfortable in the summer months, however. To avoid this problem, and to get the most out of your new sunroom, think about talking to a contractor about designing a custom sunroom addition for your home instead.

Custom Sunrooms vs. Prefab Sunrooms

A custom sunroom addition is built specifically with your home in mind. Prefab sunrooms sometimes clash with your home’s overall design, and can look awkward and out of place from the curb. On the other hand, a custom sunroom is built to blend seamlessly into your home’s overall ambience. From materials and architectural design right on down to color and finish, a custom sunroom addition won’t just look good, it will look like it’s been there all along. Of course, most homeowners look at the cost differential before the design advantages associated with custom sunrooms. And they do so at their own peril. Not only will a custom-built sunroom look better, it can greatly enhance the value of your home. Even during the recent housing crisis and dismal housing market, a custom sunroom can be a godsend in stemming the decline of your home value. Prefab sunrooms are usually best for homeowners who simply can’t garner the financial resources for a custom sunroom.

Luxury Sunroom Design

Besides blending in with your pre-existing architecture, custom sunroom additions also have the advantage of using top-grade materials so you can get the most out of this significant investment. High-quality wood and vinyl make for stunning visual appeal and greater personal satisfaction. Luxury sunrooms also tend to make use of high-efficiency glass and heating and cooling systems to ensure the area can be enjoyed year-round. Luxury sunrooms are by no means a symptom of conspicuous consumption. Even a luxury sunroom with all the bells-and-whistles may be a reasonable and inexpensive alternative to a conventional home addition or attic conversion.

Sunroom Design Ideas

Besides using the best materials, your custom sunroom design ideas should seek to incorporate the latest innovations and contemporary features. Careful placement of your sunroom is a good place to start, as taking into account the location of the sun year round plays a large role in building an addition that you can enjoy even on the warmest days. Moreover, the best sunroom design is likely to include such features as ceiling roof vents that automatically open when the room gets too hot. These vents and other features can make maintaining a comfortable temperature in your custom sunroom a no-hassle, hands-off endeavor.

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Of course, if you’re building a custom sunroom for your home, it’s best to hire a contractor who is an expert in constructing these wonderful additions to do the work for you. There’s just too much that goes into making these additions attractive and functional year round to hire the job out to a regular Joe. Search out a custom sunroom addition builder and talk to them about what you need to do to get your new sunroom project off the ground.

Sunroom Addition Costs

So, how much is your new sunroom going to cost? It’s almost always the first question homeowners ask, and there is never an easy or reliable answer until you hash out the specifics with your home improvement contractor. That said, while sunroom addition costs are difficult to estimate, we can provide you with an average cost calculated from sunroom construction projects across the country. You’re going to pay about $15,200 for the entire project. Keep in mind, however, these figures say as much about the tough, economic choices homeowners must make as they say about the cost of the “average” sunroom.

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