Landscape Curbing

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Updated June 11, 2019

Landscape curbing

You’ve most likely seen landscape curbing but didn’t know what it is called. Landscape curbing is exactly what it sounds like – a curb around your landscape.

Just like curbs around streets, landscape curbing is made of concrete and poured in forms that match the curved lines you would like around your landscaping.

Concrete Lawn Edging

Special machines, aptly named concrete curbing machines, can lay the edging you desire wherever you want. If you want gorgeous rounded curves or sharp straight lines, a local professional landscaper can help make your vision come to life.

The versatility of concrete lawn edging does not end with shapes and lines; landscapers can also style and stain your landscape curbing. This will help you achieve the exact look that will work best with your landscape design.

Concrete Staining & Concrete Stamping

Many lawns do look great with that whitish-grey concrete look, since the color compliments the surrounding streets and nearby sidewalks. However, your concrete lawn edging does not have to have the appearance of actual street curbing.

Instead if you want a more natural or discreet look, curbing can be stained and stamped to create a subtle look that flows with the natural colors of your landscape.


  • Concrete can be stained – just like wood can – to look nearly any color.
  • Earthy tones like reds and browns are best to compliment your landscaping for a natural look.
  • However, brighter non-natural tones can also be used to make a statement and give your yard a unique look.


Beyond that, if you don’t like the look of a typical landscape curb, you can have it styled into whatever form you like by way of concrete stamping.

  • Concrete stamping is a technique used to make concrete look like bricks, stones or pavers.
  • Concrete stamping has become a popular way to turn boring sidewalks and patios into the look of real brick or stone, plus the cost of concrete stamping is much less than the latter.

This same treatment can be applied to your landscape curbing. In combination with concrete staining, your landscape curbs can look the exact way you want them to.


Not only is landscape curbing a popular and versatile design choice; it is also one of the best functional choices to contain your landscaping. The benefits include:

  • Keeping unwanted weeds and grass from creeping into your yard
  • Greater durability than traditional plastic edging
  • Heavy enough to keep pesky weeds from creeping into mulch and landscaping
  • Stained concrete is stained thoroughly, so chips won’t be obvious
  • Accidental chips can create a rustic weathered look for stamped concrete designs such as brick

Whatever you are considering for your landscape design, think about putting in landscape curbing to keep weeds out and give your lawn a finished look. Landscape edging is beneficial to your yard no matter what design you choose, and curbing is the most durable option to protect your yard for many years to come.

How Much Does Landscape Curbing Cost?

Learn all about the cost to edge a lawn before budgeting your project. On average, homeowners pay $1,200 to get the job done.

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