Wood patio cover
Patios are great. They increase the livable space of your home, giving you a place outside to relax and to entertain guests. They are beautiful and functional, adding both ambiance and property value to your home. Of course, without shelter, they’re also not much more than a makeshift floor in your backyard. With a patio cover, however, you can transform your patio into a porch enclosure, protected from the rain and the sun. No more flimsy patio umbrellas. No more hurrying inside from an afternoon thunderstorm. No more sunscreen or sunburns. Patio covers are also a great way to store outdoor items that need to be protected from the elements, allowing your patio to act as both storage and entertainment purposes.

Aluminum Patio Covers

Aluminum patio covers are probably the most popular solid patio cover out there. Cheaper, more durable, and requiring less maintenance than most other materials, aluminum patio covers aren’t going anywhere and are constantly improving patio cover design. Aluminum wood imitates the appearance of wood, while retaining the high-performance qualities of aluminum. Pan systems increases rainwater drainage, prolonging the life of the cover. An aluminum framed cover with a clear, polycarbonate canopy is a great way to deal with the rain and sun without creating a space that feels too much like being indoors.

Other Patio Cover Options

  • Wood Patio Cover: Not the cheapest cover option, nor the most durable. Still, traditionalists love the look of wood, and if you need a particular or exotic grain to imitate your exterior home d├ęcor, this may be the way to go.
  • Vinyl Patio Cover: One of the few cover materials that can rival aluminum for durability and pricing. Vinyl also has a naturally softer look that doesn’t need to be “manufactured” to imitate wood.
  • Solar Patio Cover: These covers are a great way to protect you from the rain and sun, and they will provide you with a clean and cheap source of electricity.
  • Customized Patio Cover: Most patios are designed in a standard shape and size that finding a viable patio cover in stock shouldn’t be a problem. But, many companies offer custom build covers that can fit any patio. Slanted cover slats will give your patio plenty of sun in the morning and plenty of shade in the afternoon.
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DIY Patio Covers

Basic patio covers can be assembled and installed by knowledgeable homeowners. These patio covers are usually simple in design, cost-effectiveness, but frequently sacrifice an element of durability, performance, and/or beauty. For a high quality patio cover that will last the lifetime of your patio, it’s probably best to call a professional contractor.

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