4 Truths and a Garbage Disposal Lie

by HomeAdvisor

What can and can’t you put in your garbage disposal can be confusing. Use this quick guide to keep your disposal safe from clogging materials.

Truth: Bread.

Most bread won’t harm your disposal. But it’s important to avoid putting large amounts in at once. Lots of bread can retain moisture and cause clogs in your disposal and connecting pipes. Buildup from leftover bread can also act as a catchall for other food scraps. This can trap decaying food and cause horrible smells.

Truth: Grapefruit.

Grapefruit is a disposal-safe food item. Be sure to avoid other fibrous vegetables and fruits though. Food like celery, artichokes, lettuce and potato peels can clog your drain and jam your blades.

Truth: Meat Scraps.

Most meat scraps are soft enough for your disposal. Always check for bones before putting anything into your disposal. Avoid putting meat byproducts like oils and grease into your disposal. These liquids can coagulate and cause serious disposal and drain clogs — and unpleasant smells.

Truth: Cereal.

Most cereals are disposal-safe. Similar foods like rice, beans and pasta can cause clogs and damage your disposal blades.

Lie: Egg Shells.

Egg shells have membranes that can collect in your disposal’s drain and blades and cause major clogs over time. The fragments of ground shells can also break down into a drain- and blade-clogging paste.

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