Choose Wire Shelving for Strength and Durability

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Wire shelving

A wire rack is an excellent choice for any job that requires holding a lot of weight. Wire shelving is also appropriate for any area that is expected to get messy. In work areas, basements, and garages, where both of these situations are common, a wire shelf is often the best option.

Wire Rack Benefits

Wire racks made of heavy gauge steel are strong enough to hold objects with a lot of weight. In places where power tools are stored, wire shelving makes the most sense. A wire shelf is also very cost effective when compared to other shelves. For the price, they will require much less maintenance than wood, hold up better than plastic, and perform better than glass in most situations.

Since a wire rack won’t have a continuous surface, something that is spilled won’t have much room to create a mess. in places where spills are expected, an old towel or a few shop rags can be placed underneath wire shelving to catch anything that spills through and protect the floor. A wire rack will have no problems with expansion or contraction due to moisture. It will not bow or warp due to temperature changes. Often, wire racks are equipped with wheels, making them extremely easy to move from one place to another.

Wire Shelf Drawbacks

Though superior in many ways to other types of shelving, a wire shelf does fall short in some situations. Because of their surface, smaller objects have a tendency to fall through the cracks. This can be a problem in a workspace or garage when dealing with small parts such as screws and nails. This problem is often solved by purchasing a shelf inlay (the most durable ones are made of acrylic). The inlay will add extra support to the shelf and provide a surface without gaps, too.

If a particularly heavy object is placed on a wire shelf for an extended period of time, it is conceivable that some sagging might occur. In most cases, however, this sagging will be far less noticeable than it would be if the shelf were made from wood or plastic. Also, wire shelving is not completely impervious to moisture. If the finish is left unattended for too long, it is possible for rust to appear. The good news is that this won’t happen over night. It takes a long time for sealed metal to rust, and that time will lengthen the better the shelf is taken care of.

Wire Rack Installation

Wire shelves and racks are generally some of the easiest to put together or install. In most cases, all you will need are a few simple tools land a little elbow grease. Very few will take more than an hour or so to erect or mount.

Wire shelves are certainly a strong and inexpensive choice for areas of the home that are meant for work. They aren’t, however, considered to be the most aesthetically appealing option. Also, all shelving (not just wire), should probably be purchased with a weight rating that exceeds the amount they will be holding. It shouldn’t cost much more, and you will have the assurance that your shelves won’t have any trouble bearing the desired load.

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