Chain Link Fencing

by Marcus Pickett

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Chain link fencing is an excellent fencing option from a functional perspective. Cheap, durable, and maintenance free, chain link fencing will provide a property boundary and yard containment. Most homeowners consider wood fencing the only option for elegance and privacy, but wood fences also lend themselves to pest problems and decay. Still, chain link fencing has distinct advantages and with a little creativity can be the most sensible fencing option for your needs.

Putting Privacy and Visual Appeal Back into Your Fencing
While the chain links provide minimal privacy for your home, shrubs, small trees and/or vines can reduce the visibility into your yard. At the same time, smart gardening near the fence can increase the visual appeal and make the chain link fence a canvas for different landscaping options.

If gardening isn't your thing or if you want to focus your landscaping features in a different area of your yard, you can always add privacy slats to your fence. Privacy slats are exactly what they sound like. Strip inserts that not only block visibility into your yard but will also soften the metallic appearance of the fence. Slats are available in any number of colors and can be inserted vertically or diagonally down the mesh of the fence.

Artificial hedge inserts can give you the feel of gardening without the hassle and maintenance. Artificial hedges can be designed for lighter visual accents or thickly manufactured to almost completely cut off neighbors' views into your yard.

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Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fencing Installation
With some basic knowledge of fencing, a chain link fence isn't difficult to install but it can be time-consuming for the casual homeowner. Depending on where you live, the fence height, and property survey lines, you may need to get a permit to build your fence. Exact spacing and size of the fence posts may vary depending on the height, fence gauge, privacy slats, and other factors the determine the overall weight load of the fence. As with any fencing installation, you'll need to find the highest point in your yard along the path of the fence. Beginning your installation at this point will help keep your fencing level.

You may hear about the fence gauge. Nine gauge and eleven gauge refer to common mesh thicknesses. The smaller the number the thicker and stronger the chain link mesh. Eleven gauge is typical for a residential chain link fence, but nine gauge mesh will allow for better galvanizing, which helps prevent rust and corrosion.

An optional installation feature is using tension wires at the top and bottom of the fence. Tension wires used at the top of the fence can replace the top rail and reduce the cost of the fence. Bottom tension wire helps dissuade pets or other animals from digging under the fence and damaging the chain link mesh.

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