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by Marcus Pickett

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As a Seattle homeowner, you probably don't need to be told that your gutters need to be cleaned on a regular basis, but when it comes time to do it, the prospect of climbing up on a ladder to scrape, heave, and haul away debris from your gutters tends to be more daunting than you remembered. If you're afraid of heights, have decreasing mobility, or simply more expendable cash and a desire to enjoy every last nice day Seattle weather affords, you'd be wise to seek out the help of a professional Seattle gutter contractor.

Though many homeowners believe if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself, you should ask yourself if this is really true in this circumstance. It's not uncommon to discover your ladder won't reach a far corner of your home and your gutters. You're then left with leaving the section untouched or risking some degree of personal safety. Even one small area of gutter debris can cause your gutter system to back up with disastrous results.

Professional Seattle Gutter Cleaning
Safe, convenient, and professional: these are the advantages of professional Seattle gutter cleaning. You can go out and buy a heavy-duty extension ladder and still not come close to the equipment and expertise these professionals can bring to your gutters. Flushing downspouts is an often forgotten part of gutter maintenance. Without it, all the leaves and dirt that you remove may not make much of a difference in the end. Plus, most gutter cleaning contractors will inspect the general condition of your gutters for signs of flashing deterioration, cracks, and other structural defects. Again, clean gutters don't do much good if some rainwater is never making it to the gutter in the first place.

Dangers of Neglecting your Seattle Gutter Maintenance
You may or may not know the number and the size of the problems that can arise from failure to maintain a clean and sound guttering system. Gutter maintenance is about a lot more than the gutters. Here is a list of some of the more common consequences of neglecting your gutters:

  • Foundation damage, flooded basements/crawlspaces: One of the most obvious areas of concern is your foundation and basement. Water that comes down the side of your house frequently settles in and near your home's foundation. Water molecules can sometimes "push" themselves through your concrete, causing high moisture levels. A pre-existing crack in your foundation can be a welcome avenue for basement flooding.

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  • Roofing and siding damage: Sometimes water overflowing from your gutters can also immediately back up into your subroofing support structures. A common consequence of both clogged gutters and deteriorated flashings, rainwater that finds this path can be lead to damaged roofing, insulation and drywall. Many forms of siding can also lose their adhesion or structural attachment when they remain consistently wet.

  • Poor lawn drainage: Just because your rainwater ends up staying away from your foundation doesn't mean it's being properly diverted away from your home. Standing water in your lawn can be an instant source for lawn fungus and other lawn diseases.

Cost of Seattle Gutter Cleaning
The vast majority of projects range between $100 and $250, and unless you have an uncommonly small or large job, you can probably even expect to find estimates between $150 and $200. Some contractors may also have more widely ranging estimates depending on the project than others. Some, for example, may charge an extra fee if they need to travel a considerable distance to get to your home. Others may charge extra if your gutter system is unusually complicated, clogged, or otherwise a nuisance. We had one homeowner in Black Diamond pay as much as $450 for his gutter cleaning.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.