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San Antonio may not be classified as a rainforest, but it's not the barren desert that many outsiders imagine, either. In fact, few San Antonio homes would feel authentic without some type of plant life in their yard. Plus, while Houston and Dallas homes may be flush with several, large trees, the understated look of a few well-placed shrubs is perfect for the Alamo City. Whether you like the traditional hedge look, single flowering shrubs, or some combination, your impulse to plant shrubs or protect the ones you have is one you can trust to improve your home and its curb appeal.

Choosing Shrubs and Basic Care for San Antonio Shrubs
The first part of caring for your shrubs is making wise decisions about what shrubs to plant. The best rule is to stick with native shrubs that should have little trouble handling the intense south central Texas sun and periods without substantial rainfall. If you don't choose native, at least attempt to find shrubs that have reasonable tolerances to the heat and sun, as well as a compatibility with your soil. Don't feel that this is limiting your landscaping options. There are literally hundreds of shrubs out there that can flourish in the Alamo City. During the choosing and planting process, be sure to make notes about your shrubs characteristics so you can design a maintenance and pruning schedule.

San Antonio Shrub Service Contractors
While you can request specific shrub service from HomeAdvisor and get the service you need, there's no such thing as a shrub service contractor. What type of professional you need to see at your home really depends on the type of service your shrub requires. Healthy shrubs that need weekly maintenance can be handled San Antonio lawn service companies as part of a package deal that includes lawn mowing, fertilizer, watering, edging, etc.

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If you have trees and shrubs, you might as well have a San Antonio lawn maintenance professional prune your shrubs when they take care of your trees, assuming both your trees and shrubs have similar growth cycles. More specialized services, such as planting a new shrub or treating an ailing shrub, are going to be taken care of by professional gardeners. These professionals can do it all, and contacting them as soon as you notice a problem can make the difference in being able to save and nurture your shrub back to life.

Cost of San Antonio Shrub Service
These two categories of San Antonio shrub service also have different costs. The more specialized services of gardeners, arborists, botanists, and the like are naturally more expensive than lawn services that generally consist of little more than manual labor and commercial lawn equipment. Of course, the need for specialized professionals is typically a one-shot deal, where lawn service is a weekly service for which you can pay an annual fee or per week as needed. Thus, you can pay a hundred dollars to a few hundred dollars for single service, or somewhere around a thousand dollars or more for the entire year.

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