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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Fence?

Repair a Fence Costs
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A fence is very susceptible to damage. It is exposed to sun, wind, rain, hail, excessive heat and cold, animals and even vandals.

Fence Materials

If you need to replace a part of your fence, then the material your fence is made from will have a large impact on the price of the repair. Different fencing materials have different costs. A chain link fence is more affordable than a cedar. A brick wall around your property is more expensive to repair than vinyl fencing. You will also have to take into account materials like paint and locks should you need to repaint the fence or replace a lock on the gate.

Extent of the Damage

How much damage your fence has suffered will affect the cost of any repair. If your fence has lost a few slats in a wind or hail storm, that is a reasonably quick and simple repair. If the fence has been pulled out from the ground and will require the posts to be reset in cement, then it will be more expensive. If your fence is very long or very tall and has suffered a great deal of damage, then the cost to repair it may be more than the fence is worth and require a new fence installation.

Labor Cost Factors

The cost to hire a professional to fix or replace your damaged fence will be a large portion of the cost of your fence repair. Most handymen or carpenters will have the skills to repair most damaged fences and charge by the hour. If you explain the extent of the damage to a pro, they may likely be able to quote you a figure, although most will require inspecting the damage before.

Landscape Damage

Depending on the extent of fence damage, you may have additional costs to fix the lawn and shrubbery around the fence.


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