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How Much Does it Cost to Install Weather-stripping?

Install Weather-stripping Costs
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Adding weather stripping to your windows and doors is an effective and affordable way to help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Weather stripping can be added any place you feel a draft coming in around your windows and doors.

Number of Doors & Windows

The largest factor that will determine your weather stripping price is the number of windows and doors that need to have weather stripping installed. The more areas that need to be tended to, the higher the weather stripping prices will be. However, an installation professional may charge less per window if you are installing all the weather stripping in your home at one time. So, what may seem like a larger cost upfront could become much more affordable than installing weather stripping on one or two windows or doors at a time.

Stripping Materials

There are multiple kinds of weather stripping to choose from. Weather stripping materials range from metal, vinyl, rubber, felt or foam to silicone-based caulking. When wood meets glass, caulk is the most effective. However other materials such as plastics , rubber and foam can be added around entire windows either permanently or just temporarily during winter months

Type of Windows & Doors

Different window and door types require different kinds of weather stripping. For example, double-hung windows require two types of weather stripping, where casement windows only use one. The more materials you have to buy, then the higher the window weather stripping costs will be.


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