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How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Roof?

Typical Range: $15,000 - $125,000

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Cost to Raise a Roof on an Existing Home

It typically costs between $15,000 to $125,000 or more to raise a roof on your home. Get quotes from local contractors for the best estimate. Raising a roof is a significant investment that can dramatically increase living space in your home, improve or customize the way it looks and even prevent weather damage. Here’s a look at the major factors that make up the total cost of raising a roof:

  • Roof project planning, including permits.
  • Removal of existing material.
  • Plumbing or electrical work.
  • Exterior remodeling work.
  • The type of roof you have.
  • The strength of your foundation.
  • Local labor and material cost.

Average Cost to Raise a Roof

Average Cost$70,000
High Cost$125,000+
Low Cost$15,000

Talk to remodeling contractors near you about whether or not you can raise the roof on your home, and what the specific cost will be for your unique project. Keep in mind, you also might need to repair or replace roofing materials in addition to raising the roof. There are powerful reasons to invest in your own home, especially considering it’s often more expensive to move to a new home than it is to upgrade your existing house.

Cost of Raising a Roof on a House

It typically costs between $15,000 and $125,000 and up to raise a roof on a house. Removing, replacing or moving plumbing and electrical work can increase price.

Nationally, the cost to replace or install a roof is about $8,000. The cost breaks down to 40% materials and 60% labor. If there’s a problem that needs fixed, roof repairs averages at $850.

Raise Roof on a Ranch House

Homeowners may pay less to raise a ranch style roof. This job can be straightforward and take less time for your local roofing contractor to complete. This means you can expect labor costs to bring the overhead cost down.

Cost to Raise Roof on a Cape Cod

It costs between $15,000 and $125,000 and up to raise the roof on a Cape Cod-style home.

You’ll likely find it’s more expensive to raise the roof on a Cape Cod than a smaller or less complex house. Cape Cods roof raises are also more complicated than a home with absolutely no dormers.

If you don’t want to raise your roof, but would like an aesthetic upgrade to your house, adding a dormer is a cost effective way to do that. It professional dormer installation costs between 2,500 to $20,000.  

Roof Lifting Cost for Garage

Roof lifting costs vary significantly. Prices fall anywhere between $5 and $20 per square foot and beyond. Generally speaking, it will cost more to lift the roof on an attached garage than a detached garage. This is because it affects components of your home, including but not limited to:

  • Structure and foundation.
  • Electrical work.
  • Plumbing work.
  • Material removal.

It might be cheaper in the long run to build a garage from scratch than it is to raise the roof of an attached garage. It depends on the type of roof and foundation you have. The cost to build a garage ranges from $17,000 to $39,000.

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Change Roof Pitch Cost

It typically costs between $60 and $98 per square foot to raise the pitch of a roof. Cost factors include:

Site plan$85-$500
Structural engineer fees$350-$750
Architect fees$2,020-$8,600
Building permit fees$400-$2,000
Roof trusses cost$7,200-$12,000
Existing roof removal$1-$5 per square foot
Gable walls extension$14-$22 per square foot
New roof structure, labor and materials$16-$22 per square foot
Roofing and siding installation$15-$18 per squar efoot
Gable walls extension finishing$5.50-$16 per square foot

It’s more expensive to extend the wall height and increase the roof pitch. If you’re interested in a pre-made frame for your roof, invest in roof trusses.

Reasons to Raise Roof Height

There are several reasons to raise roof height. Some benefits include:

  • Extra living space.
  • More storage.
  • Higher ceilings.
  • Remodeling to a different ceiling type.
  • Dormer additions.
  • New roof type to prevent leaks or pooling water.

Want to add a room to your home? The cost to build an addition ranges from $21,000 and $68,800. Here’s a look at common addition prices:

A home addition contractor near you can give you an accurate price estimate based on the details of your project.


How much is the cost of adding a gable roof to an existing house?

It costs about $5.50 per gable beam to add this type of roof to an existing house. That’s for a 2-inch by 10-inch beam that’s 16-inches on center. It’s difficult to estimate the exact cost of a gable roof addition because there are many different types; the specific material and price of labor depends on factors like:

  • Type of roof.
  • Type of foundation.
  • Climate.

It costs between $14 and $21.50 per square foot to extend gable walls. If you already have these walls and are changing your roofline, you’ll need to extend the walls.

What is the roofline on a house?

The roofline on a house refers to the area where your roof meets the walls of your home. These components work to protect your home from the outdoors.

Here’s a look at what makes up a roofline:

  • Fascia.
  • Soffits.
  • Bargeboard.
  • Cladding.
  • Dry verge.

Can you change your roofline?

Yes, you can change your roofline. Some reasons to change your roofline:

  • Extra square footage, including upper story additions.
  • Better or customized appearance.
  • Cheaper than moving.

Can you make your ceilings higher?

Yes, you can make your ceilings higher. This is an attractive upgrade for people who live in homes with low or dropped ceilings. This upgrade can make a room appear larger and make major areas of your home – like the living room or foyer – more attractive.

Raising a ceiling costs about $60 per square foot.

How much does it cost to replace a roof line?

It generally costs between $1.20 and $4 per square foot to replace a roof line. This includes the cost of material removal. The cost to repair a roof ranges between $350 and $1,375. Total roof replacement costs between $5,000 and $14,100. Cost factors include:

  • Size.
  • Pitch.
  • Accessibility.
  • Cost of materials.
  • Location.

It it worth it to raise a roof to build onto your house?

Compared to other renovations, it’s probably not worth it to raise a roof to build onto your house. The ROI for this type of work falls between 50% and 54%. Compare that to other popular renovations such as:

  • New garage door installation: 94.5%
  • Mid-range kitchen remodel: 77.6%
  • Manufactured stone veneer façade: 96%
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