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How Much Does A Kitchen Island Cost?

Typical Range: $100 - $10,000

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Kitchen Island Prices

The average cost of a kitchen island ranges from $3,000 to $5,000. Less expensive models can run as little as $100 while more expensive, custom-built options can be as much as $10,000 or more. The cost varies greatly due to several factors including the its size, counter and cabinet material, and features, like a bar, a sink/drain and built-in appliances.

It's hard to find a contemporary kitchen design without an island since it has so many uses. Kitchen islands can give homeowners extra storage space, more room to prepare or cook meals, and a place to gather, eat and drink.

Average Cost of a Kitchen Island

Average Cost$4,000
High Cost$10,000
Low Cost$400

If you're looking for an island that does more than provide extra counter space or storage and you're not going the prefabricated route, hire a carpenter or kitchen remodeling professional. Hire a licensed electrician and/or a licensed plumber if you want your island to have electricity and/or plumbing for appliances. You may also consider hiring for $300 to $400 per day a general contractor who subcontracts the electrical and plumbing work

Ready-Made vs. Custom Kitchen Island Costs

Ready-made islands typically cost between $100 to $2,000. Smaller ones with fewer features are on the cheaper end while larger, more stylish islands with drawers and shelves are pricier. If money is tight and you're looking for additional counter or storage space, prefabricated islands are your best bet.

As with anything readymade, compare the product's dimensions with that of the space into which it's going. Kitchens designed for two cooks or people who use wheelchairs should have 4-foot passageways around the island.

Custom kitchen islands usually range in price from $3,000 to $10,000+. The total cost will vary based on the size of the island, the materials used and whether it has electricity and running water.

Comparing Popular Kitchen Island Sizes
TypeLength (inches)Cost
Rolling cart42x18x38$100-$2,500
Small, non-rolling48x22x38$100-$3,500
Base cabinet with countertop48x30x36$325-$4,000
Island with electricity & running water60x30x36$45-$150 per hour for plumber
$50-$100 per hour for electrician
Double-tiered with electricity & running water90x30x42$45-$150 per hour for plumber
$50-$100 per hour for electrician

Price of an Island with a Sink & Dishwasher

A kitchen island with a sink and a dishwasher generally costs $3,000 to $5,000. Prefabricated units usually don't have slots for a sink, dishwasher or oven/stove. Expect to pay more for a ready-made island with those amenities.

The average cost to install a sink is $400. The price for the sink itself will vary based on what type it is and of what material it's made.

The price to install an appliance averages $150 to $300. The cost of the appliance itself will depend on what it is, the brand, features, quality and finish.

Consider where the other activity zones are when deciding where to put the island with a sink and a dishwasher.

  • The sink, oven/stove and refrigerator should be within 4 to 9 feet of each other to allow the free flow of traffic in the kitchen.
  • Allow 3½ feet between the island and wall cabinets.
  • If the island has a dining counter, allow for 5 feet between it and the wall.

Consult an experienced kitchen designer to map a plan for your space prior to construction or installation.

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Average Cost to Build a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands cost an average of $3,000 to $5,000. Prefab islands generally are cheaper, but they may require some assembly depending on from where they're purchased. Only homeowners experienced in remodeling should consider this a DIY project.

Custom-built islands with high-end countertops, electricity, plumbing and appliances will be about $6,000 to $10,000 or more. Additional cost considerations include hiring a kitchen designer, a plumber and an electrician. Other factors that raise the total price include adding an oven and range hood, cabinetry, waterfall countertops, a breakfast bar and flooring.

Kitchen Designer Rates

Hiring a kitchen designer costs most homeowners an average of $10,000. The price typically ranges from $3,500 to $17,500. Consider hiring a designer if the island is part of a larger remodeling project.

A designer will help you figure out how to best utilize the existing space while planning for a kitchen that meets your needs.

The total average cost of a kitchen remodel is $23,000. Homeowners usually spend between $13,000 to $34,000.

Plumbing Estimates

Hiring a plumber costs $45 to $150 per hour depending on the job and location. Plumbers also may charge a flat fee for some projects.

If you hire a general contractor for the entire island project, confirm the subcontractors are licensed professionals. Verify this by checking with your state government.

Install Electrical Outlets

Electrical work isn't a recommended DIY project, so look into paying for an electrician, which usually costs $50 to $100 per hour. Installing or replacing GFCI outlets runs homeowners about $200 on average. The price of installing a switch is $150.

Subcontractors typically specialize in one particular area of construction. If your island already has plumbing and you want to add a garbage disposal or another kind of appliance, the general contractor should bring in a subcontractor with experience in those areas. Discuss your design plans with your head contractor before the project begins so you're aware of who will be entering your home to do the work and how those professionals will get paid.

In addition to function, keep aesthetic in mind when planning on where the outlets will go on your island. Strategically position them and match them to the cabinetry to make the outlets inconspicuous.

Adding an Oven and Range Hood

The price to include an oven, range hood or other appliance for cooking in your island depends on whether or not you have a built-in island or are having something custom made.

Repairing cabinets runs homeowners about $350 on average. Fixing countertops costs about $400 on average. Adding an appliance to a built-in island means incurring these costs in addition to the price of the unit and the installation charge.

If you account for these appliances in your island's design, the total for the appliance and its installation shouldn't differ from that of wall units.

Cost to Purchase and Install Appliance in Kitchen Island
ApplianceUnit PriceInstallation CostTotal
Gas Stove$350-$3,000$125$475-$3,125
Electric Stove$600-$1,300$100-$200$700-$1,500
Island Range Hoods$300-$3,000$250-$600$550-$3,600

If gas isn't yet available, the price of installing gas pipes averages at $500.

Confirm the exhaust duct extends outside before installing a range hood. The cost to installing ducts and vents is $500 to $2,000. The range hood should be larger than the cook space, so smoke and steam don't flood the kitchen.

Kitchen Island Base Cabinet Pricing

Cabinets are one of the first things people notice in a kitchen. Homeowners pay to install cabinets $5,000 on average, but it can cost as little as $300 or as much as $18,000 depending on size and materials used. Custom cabinets cost a bit cheaper at an average of $4,300. Plan on dedicating about 30% of your kitchen-remodel budget for cabinetry.

Prefabricated units typically have cabinets on one side. Consider a custom unit if you need storage space on multiple sides.

Certain cabinet features will add to the overall price. Molding and trim adds about $9 per foot. Finished ends are $75 to $175 each. Costs vary for cabinet features like a pull-out spice rack or a Lazy Susan.

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Waterfall Islands and other Countertop Options

The average cost to install countertops is about $3,000. The price will vary based on the type and the material it's made of.

If money is not a concern and you want a high-end look, consider a waterfall island, which appears to be made of a single piece of stone. The surface looks continuous from the counter to the floor. For waterfall islands, fabricators usually use a computer-controlled laser cutter, which adds at least $1,000 to the total price.

Costs by Countertop Type
MaterialAverage Cost
Granite (natural stone)$3,350-$4,750
Soapstone (natural stone)$7,250-$12,250
Slate (natural stone)$7,950-$11,050
Corian (solid)$2,450-$5,250
Quartz (solid)$6,150-$14,250
Ceramic (traditional)$3,250-$5,250
Wood (traditional)$3,250-$6,250
Butcher Block (traditional)$1,950-$4,200

Buy butcher block for $1,950 to $4,200. It's is a popular choice for islands and other surfaces in the kitchen because it's attractive and functional. It's made by gluing together pieces of wood (usually teak, walnut, or sugar maple). Some homeowners use butcher block in just a portion of their island for a cutting board.

Having a butcher block countertop requires care on a regular basis to maintain the wood's appearance, keep the surface from absorbing food stains and prevent the wood from splintering or separating. Oil it every month for the first year and then every six months after that. Use a food-safe oil, like mineral oil, if you prepare food on the wood counter.

Breakfast Bar Costs

When it comes to custom pieces, this feature is popular and works well with large islands situated in the kitchen's center. Choose a couple of chairs or stools that work best with the counter's height for an informal spot for eating or working. You can expand the countertop, much like you would with a table leaf, if you're short on space by adding a small countertop that extends from and stows away in the main counter.


Homeowners typically pay to have flooring repaired between $200 to $500. The project may be costlier if you install a custom unit with electricity and running water or you need the flooring underneath an appliance fixed. Whether you're bringing in a prefabricated unit or going custom, some amount of floor work is necessary. Avoid floor repair completely by using a rolling cart or table as your island.

Replacing an Existing Unit with a New Kitchen Island

If it's out with the old and in with the new, you may incur some costs in getting rid of the existing island.

Units that don't have electricity, running water or gas lines are relatively easy to remove yourself with the right tools. If your unit does have those amenities, pay for a professional demo as little as $400. Some extra help may be necessary depending on what the countertop is made of. A junk/waste removal company charges on average between $130 to $400. Consider doing this if you need to dispose of anything large or heavy, like a piece of granite.

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