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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Switch?

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If you're thinking about installing new light switches in your home, the first thing you need to do is find a good electrician. The cost to install a light switch is fairly cheap at an average of around $143, but it's important to work with a reputable, licensed electrician who is well-versed in local codes and laws.
Reputable electricians can ensure that everything is up to code, which means you'll pass home inspections, but also that you can rest easy knowing your family will be safe. Though installing a switch may seem simple, and the cost to install an electric switch may seem unnecessary, even the most basic electrical tasks can be dangerous and it's usually best to stick with the pros.
Since the cost to install an electric switch will be based so much around an electrician, it can be tough to predict how much the project will cost. Here are some of the most common factors in the cost to install an electric switch.

Bundling the Job

Most electricians work on an hourly rate, so it's smart to bundle as many electrical jobs as you have into one trip. If you're changing all of your light switches into dimmers, for example, or to decorative switches, then it would be smart to do all of them at once.

Type of Switch

The cost to install a transfer switch would be different than the cost to install a standard electric switch. Three-way switches are another option, as well as dimmer switches. The more complicated the switch you pick, the more expensive the installation will be, especially if it means a longer installation.

Transfer Switch

Transfer switches are a little more complicated and the cost to install a transfer switch echoes that. If your main electric panel is in your garage, it's easy for your electrician to install your power transfer system. If your panel is in the basement, then they will need to either run a cord through a basement window or install a power inlet box outside of your home near your electrical panel. This would increase the cost to install a transfer switch. A typical transfer switch installation takes a few hours, and the cost to install a transfer switch should reflect that based on your electrician's rates.
Overall, the cost to install an electric switch will ultimately depend on your electrician. Make sure to pick a licensed electrician, but make sure to research and talk to at least three pros before deciding on one. Once you find a good electrician, getting all of your electrical work done at once will save you money in the long run. Maybe now will be the time to finally install those dimmers you've had your eye on, and it can all be done at much more reasonable prices than you might think.


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