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How Much Does It Cost To Install Electrical Wiring Or Panel?

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Installing electrical wiring and panels is one of the more dangerous home projects, and something that should definitely be handled by a licensed professional. Even pros risk injury working on electrical outlets, so it's best to leave this one to them.

Local Codes

Electrical projects have to abide by local codes and laws. Usually they also have to have permits and be inspected by local authorities. These rules shouldn't be looked at as road blocks, since they will help to ensure that your home is up to code and safe. Taking the time now will save money and headaches in the future. This does factor into average electrical installation costs, so make sure to factor that extra inspection and time taken out of the project into your costs.

Installation Materials

The physical materials required for your project will factor into the electrical installation prices. There are usually a range of options you can pick from, and as usual there are lower-priced options and more expensive options. With the materials also comes delivery and storage of these materials.

Preparation for Installation

With electrical projects, there needs to be prep work to get the work site ready for electrical work. This includes protecting existing finishes, materials and components that might already be there. Since it ultimately will help save money to use what's already there as much as possible, it's worth the preparation time and costs.

Site Cleanup

When the project is completed, there will be a site cleanup and debris removal. This is common on most projects but is something that adds to the average electrical installation costs.

Collateral Damage

When working with electrical wiring, pros may have to cut into surfaces to get to the wires and areas they need. If this becomes necessary, there will be costs associated with restoring finishes or replacing anything that may have had to be cut away.


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Chris Dupuis More than 1 year ago
Need estimates on rewiring a home 
Melvin lowell More than 1 year ago
On rewire the house the rough estimate is $550 to $1,800. It all depends on what u are wanting
Melvin lowell More than 1 year ago
But tats only on wire and you doing the work
Vance Jensen More than 1 year ago
Like Bonnie says "It does not include rewiring a home."
Bonnie Fuller More than 1 year ago
It does not include rewiring a home.
Nicholas Hodges 9 months ago
I need to replace both my inside and outside breaker boxes 
Hector Chevere 10 months ago
Thanks for information. 
Linda Fulk 11 months ago
Need estimate to totally rewire a home built in the late 1930's that has never been up dated.  Looks to have a 100 amp panel, but house inspector said wiring is original.  Some electrical outlets do not work also.  Even the addition put on in the late 60's has the old wiring, including the bathrooms and kitchen.  This would include the cost of labor.
Rodrigo Quiroz More than 1 year ago
80% of our home is knob and tube wiring and we are upgrading to current code. How much does the size of the home figure into estimating cost? What are some "upgrade" costs that I should avoid?
Michelle Magrini More than 1 year ago
need estimate of rewiring a home too
Mark Green More than 1 year ago
What is your location and size of your home?
Daniel S McEachern 9 months ago

I've Updated a 4 bedroom 3 bath brick exterior ranch style home with basement with no grounds. adding a ground network, added a ground rod, replaced load center to 225A panel, changed out all receptacles and switches, Added 3 way switches to new bedroom and bathroom 137.6 hrs - $5500.00

Rafael Morales 9 months ago
hey I want to know how much could I expect to pay for installing 6 recessed lights in my living room
Angela M. Hamilton More than 1 year ago
Hiller Heating and Plumbing charged me $13,000.00 at a 9.9% interest for a complete rewire, new panel and outlets of an existing house built in 1963. If I understand correctly, you are telling me the National Average would be approximately $4,000.00 and that would have been the high end. I feel I've been taken advantage of Jipped!. It took the Electrician  a week to complete the work Because he had a gift of Gab and  never cleaned up after himself at the end of the day so  white sheet rock all over my navy carpet. It drove me crazy so of course I had to vacuum and Oh yes, I had to replace my vacuum.He had the A/C guys helping him and had to go behind them and correct their work on the wiring. which freaked me out and I was even charged an additional $125.00 for a motion detector light switch that was put in after calling him back out because the switch for the Living Room was on the  opposite side of the wall from the front door. So when I exited my house for work in the mornings, I would be in pitch dark after turning my light off to exit my house. The A/C guys were great very professional and respectful in replacing a new unit not sure why existing duck work wasn't replaced on a 20 yr. old system or retaped? 
Sharon Mackey More than 1 year ago
Need estimate on rewiring house with knob and tube wiring.
alan morton More than 1 year ago
each one is different. It may require new service riser and wire, may need extra grounding, is it recessed or surface on a pole. aluminum or copper wiring. Conduits or wiring from top and bottom. The more details you get from the contractor, the truer the estimates will be. acmortonelectric
Mark Gray More than 1 year ago
Need a couple of estimates on a hotel trim out. Make up panels
Joel Machado More than 1 year ago
Need estimate of rewriting a home
Le Anavaotaua T Meleisea More than 1 year ago
need more units prices at whole
Norris Williams More than 1 year ago
Looking for estimates of rewiring a home.

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